The Sock of the Month Club You Didn't Know You Needed

The">sock of the month Club You Didn't Know You Needed

How many pairs of socks do you have in your sock drawer right now? If you're like most people, the answer is probably somewhere between 2 and 10 pairs of plain, boring socks that look exactly the same every day. Luckily, there are subscription services out there designed to spice up your sock drawer and make them more enjoyable to wear every day! Check out these six sock subscription boxes you didn't know you needed... and change your life one pair at a time!


Most sock subscription boxes offer athletic socks and usually have a fun, cheeky theme. What sets Philosockphy apart is that they sell socks for all different occasions—in fact, they call themselves a philosophy-of-socks subscription box. When you sign up, your first month will include three pairs of socks: a Saturday - Sit on Your Couch & Do Nothing pair; a Tuesday - Put On Some Shoes & Go Outside pair; and a Sunday - Put On A Suit & Go To Church pair.

Fabulous Foxx

The Philosockphy Club is your monthly dose of fresh, fun socks that are guaranteed to make you look great. They've got sock subscriptions for men and women, with awesome prints and colors that change every month. Perfect if you're looking for a little sass to add to your sock drawer! Get 2 pairs of vibrant socks for just $10/month or 3 pairs for $15/month, shipped directly to your door.


By far, my favorite sock-of-the-month club. The classic line covers most of your basic sock needs and the holiday offerings are cute for gifting or if you’re looking to spice up your party or work attire. What I love about Accoutrements is that their socks come in big tubes—not packages—so it’s easy to just grab what you need and toss them back in when you’re done. And for a $12 sock subscription, it’s a steal! The company also has a pretty hilarious twitter account (@AccoutreSocks) which adds extra humor value. Prices start at $12/month (shipping included).

Socks & Undies

Not everything in life is about keeping up with (or ahead of) The Joneses. Sometimes you just want to focus on keeping up with yourself—and if that includes a little bit of sensual, or simply comfortable, sock enhancement? So be it. There are lots of subscription services for things like coffee, wine and beer. By connecting those interests to something we use everyday and take for granted like socks, an entrepreneur can begin their own sock-of-the-month business and build from there. Consider packaging a subscription as part of your core business offering or try out special limited offers as marketing tools over specific time periods that align with other events such as holidays, back-to-school season or sporting seasons like football season.

Happy mail

When you think about it, there are few things better than a package showing up at your door. With subscription boxes you can turn that positive experience into a regular occurrence. For those seeking a fun sock-of-the-month club, here are some great options


Offering a new sock every month, Onzie shows you don’t have to wear boring socks to be comfortable. Its collection offers much more than your typical no-show socks—it has all sorts of different styles, from athletic knee-highs to fun printed pairs. Onzie’s subscription service gives you one pair per month and delivers them right to your door. Each set features a brand new pair and two pairs that go with it, like any matching outfit. The company doesn’t accept returns or exchanges, but most pairs will retail for around $10-$15 so they won’t break your bank account if you find a pattern that just isn’t doing it for you.