The Sock of the Month Club - Why I'm Hooked

The sock of the month Club - Why I'm Hooked

I love socks. I’m not just saying that because it’s cool to like socks now, I mean I’ve always loved them. They keep my feet warm and they make me feel like James Bond every time I slip into a pair of dress socks with my suit and tie! But, when I saw the sock of the month Club and realized there was a subscription box service that shipped me new, unique pairs of socks every month, well let’s just say I got hooked. Here are five reasons why you should too!

What Is a Sock Subscription?

If you’re looking for a cool sock subscription or really, really love socks (who doesn’t?) check out these different sock of the month clubs. Here is an introduction to what they are and why you might want to consider them. A sock subscription is simply a membership where you pay monthly or yearly fees to receive socks in your mailbox each month. They range from just $5 a month and up, but most have at least 3 different price points with varying levels of gifts in your box. As far as how many pairs you can get each month, that varies depending on what you choose when signing up for each club.

My Reasons for Joining

At first, when my wife told me she'd like to join a sock of the month club, I was a little skeptical. But as an experiment, we signed up for one and soon found out that it wasn't just cool socks we were getting. We got some really great pairs at awesome prices. Some more athletic than others, which helped my case for subscribing because being on your feet all day tends to do a number on your choice in sock selection. So far our experience has been great and my only regret is not signing up sooner! Now even if you're not big into fashion you have to admit that receiving new socks every month seems pretty amazing.

Day One

After a long day at work, my wife and I always look forward to opening our sock drawer. It's in that sock drawer where we've found some really cool socks thanks to our sock subscription service. Every month we get a new pair of fun, crazy socks delivered right to our doorstep without us having to worry about driving around town looking for them or finding them online somewhere. In fact, we often find it hard deciding which pair of socks to wear first since all of them are so awesome! Thanks to The sock of the month Club, we now have more fun socks than any normal person could ever need or want!

What Are These Cool New Socks?

Let’s talk about some awesome socks. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options available on today’s market to pick from and most have their own appeal. A key point in choosing new socks is to get ones that fit well and feel comfortable while adding a bit of style and flair to your outfit. That may sound simple but it can be hard for some people to find something that checks all those boxes as everyone has different preferences for each category. Some prefer cool socks that look great with dress shoes or formal slacks while others want sports or athletic socks so they can wear them during their workouts. The best thing about sock subscriptions is that you can choose whatever option works best for you!

Day Ten

Kickboxing shoes, finally! It’s a nice feeling to be able to walk in my door and kick some ass. LOL. Everyone that comes into my office has their own personality, so it’s important for me to provide them with options based on personality and taste. My new shoes look great; they fit well and they feel strong. This morning when I walked in, one guy said, You might want to ease up on your kickboxing class; you just might beat someone up one day if you keep stepping it up like that! He wasn’t trying to pick a fight—he was being nice—but his comments got me thinking about how taking control of my life makes me feel better about myself as a person.

The Final Word

You’ve probably heard about sock of the month clubs, but never thought much about them. So why would you? After all, aren’t socks just socks? Well, if that’s what you think, then stop right now and start thinking again. You see, thanks to online subscriptions like sock of the month clubs (which send out high-quality socks each month) we get something that no one else seems to: variety. Sure, maybe you can go down to your local store and pick up a different pair every time you go shopping. But do they send them to your house with a big smile on their face? Of course not! On top of that, stores don’t have any type of loyalty program or reward points either!