The Sock of the Month Club - Why I'm Hooked

The sock of the month Club - Why I'm Hooked

I love socks. I’m not just saying that because it’s cool to like socks now, I mean I’ve always loved them. They keep my feet warm and they make me feel like James Bond every time I slip into a pair of dress socks with my suit and tie! But, when I saw the sock of the month Club and realized there was a subscription box service that shipped me new, unique pairs of socks every month, well let’s just say I got hooked. Here are five reasons why you should too!

A Brief History of the Sock

In 1989 a startup called The Fruit of The Loom and Co. which produced quality socks, started a sock subscription service that provided customers with one new pair of socks every month. They began to ship socks in sealed plastic bags containing 5 or 6 pairs each. Customers loved it but unfortunately they didn’t seem to think it was cool enough to tell their friends about it.

Modern Fashions Have Ruined Our Feet

Thanks to modern sock manufacturing, socks aren’t nearly as thick or durable as they used to be, meaning they have a tendency to wear out faster and leave us with smelly feet. If you’re looking for a more intimate and reliable relationship with your socks, consider signing up for a sock of the month club. What makes these subscription boxes so great is that they include specialized socks not available in stores and keep your feet dry and smelling fresh throughout the year. To get rid of odor-causing bacteria lurking inside our shoes, all we need is an extra layer of defense against sweaty feet like anti-bacterial socks. And who doesn’t want that?

What’s Wrong With Footwear?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with footwear, but sometimes you’ll just find yourself looking for something cool to wear. Some days it feels like socks aren’t enough and if you don’t have any good footwear on hand, then it’s easy to buy a pair or two. But let me tell you something: having a little bit more choice in your foot attire can save money and make your feet happy. It doesn’t take much to get started either; just browse our socks subscription website where we have links to all sorts of sock subscriptions from boutique brands like Bombas. The most awesome part? You can get unique patterns each month in the mail for as low as $10/month!

Going Barefoot Isn’t an Option

Sometimes it’s hard to find socks that are comfortable and stylish. It seems like all I ever wear are socks with holes in them, or dress socks for work. But there is a sock subscription service out there that makes getting cool socks easy. They have a lot of different sock subscriptions from funky patterns to fun accessories, and each pair comes with a fun book telling you about your new favorite pair! Be sure to check out some of my favorite sock subscriptions below! This is such an awesome idea for gifting your friends and family too! There is something for everyone; some great stocking stuffers or small gifts for Christmas next year.

Fixing Our Feet with a New Sock Subscription Service

So, why am I hooked on sock subscriptions? Because there’s no better way to keep your feet happy than to wear comfortable socks every day. Subscriptions eliminate surprise expenses and allow me to take advantage of sales without losing track. Finally, it’s fun! There are all kinds of cool sock designs out there, from simple stripes and solids to funky zigzags, wild polka dots and retro argyles. It’s like getting a little present every month—for yourself! After all, if we can treat ourselves for just about anything else in life, surely we deserve at least one gift a month that is solely for us! Don’t you agree?

What Makes Us Special?

Maybe it’s because we carry socks for women, men, and kids. Maybe it’s because our sock of the month club sends subscribers six pairs or more every month—two from some amazing brands that you won’t find anywhere else. Or maybe it’s just because we think that everyone can use more cool socks in their life. The real question is: what don’t you love about our sock of the month club?