The Sock of the Month Club: Tumble Dry Your Socks in the Dryer or on the Clothesline?


If you’re like most people, you have an abundance of socks in your sock drawer that don’t quite match anything else you own. If you’re looking to throw some new pairs into the rotation without spending any money, you may be wondering if you can wash and dry socks from the sock of the month Club in your washing machine or if they should be line dried on the clothesline instead. Read on to find out how to make sure your new pairs of socks are in tip-top shape right away!


The Science Behind Drying Socks

This is a question that has divided households for decades. Some people advocate tumble drying socks while others insist they should be left to dry outside. The answer is actually less about the science and more about personal preference.
There are two reasons why tumble drying your socks can be a good idea. Firstly, it's quick and easy - no need to wait for your socks to dry out before putting them on again. Secondly, tumble drying them at low heat will also kill any bacteria that might have accumulated from your feet during wear. However, it may also shrink some socks and cause elasticity to break down over time.


Environmental Impact

Socks, like any other clothing, are subject to an environmental impact. There are many factors that contribute to this impact. The most significant factor is the material used for socks, cotton and polyester being the two most popular. Cotton has a higher total environmental impact than polyester due to water usage. Polyester is made from petroleum by-products which can have environmental consequences as well but it does not use nearly as much water as cotton production so generally has a lower ecological footprint. The second factor affecting sock environmental impact is how they are laundered. This includes how often they are washed, at what temperature and using what type of detergent and fabric softener if any.


Health Impact

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