The Sock of the Month Club: The Gift that Keeps on Giving (or, Why You Need a Sock Subscription)

The sock of the month Club: The Gift that Keeps on Giving (or, Why You Need a sock subscription)

The sock of the month club has been around for years, but does it still stand up to the test of time? In this article, I’ll show you why the sock of the month club is the perfect gift option, no matter what time of year it may be. If you’ve ever had someone ask you what they should buy as a gift—the answer, my friend, is socks!


Introducing the sock of the month Club

If you love fun socks and want to change up your look with an awesome sock subscription, then take a look at the most awesome sock club around! We offer colorful socks for men in 3 different styles. Whether you like ankle socks or dress socks, we have something for you. Plus they're all machine washable so you don't have to worry about keeping them clean!
Enjoy colorfully dressed feet every month with our sock of the month club!


How it works

Socks are one thing you can never have too many of. They're affordable and come in so many fun colors and patterns. There are plenty of crazy socks out there, which is why socks make great gifts. But you know what's even better than finding that perfect pair or pairs? Receiving them every month! That's where our sock subscription comes in. It's easy to sign up and choose your favorite style and color schemes. We offer crew socks for men, ankle socks for men, colorful dress socks for women and funky dress socks for women!


What you get

What are you looking for in a sock? crazy socks? ankle socks? awesome socks club? best crew socks? Best sock of the month club? cool mens socks? crazy color dress socks? Whatever your preference is, there's something for everyone in our sock subscription. If you're looking for crazy colorful ankle socks or colorful crew length ankle socks then we've got those too! As an added bonus, all of our subscriptions come with FREE shipping! All you have to do is pick your favorite sock and subscribe!


Why you need a sock subscription

It's no secret how difficult it can be to buy for men. They are notoriously difficult to shop for and often times, you end up giving them something they don't want. But, who says you can't give him what he wants? That's where the sock subscription comes in! Whether your dad is an avid fisherman or he spends his days working in an office with a strict dress code, socks are one thing we all need and wear all year round.
With brands like Happy Socks and crazy socks Club offering monthly subscription services, it's never been easier to find out what they really want. Choose from classic crew socks or ankle socks--each style is available in dozens of colors!


The benefits of being a member

Socks are worn every day, so why not have some fun with it? Whether you're looking for crazy socks or ankle socks, awesome socks club has them all! Plus, our best sock subscription offers a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs. From colorful ankle socks and colorful socks for men to cool mens socks and cool socks for men - we've got something for everyone. Plus, when you sign up for the best sock club you'll be giving yourself an awesome gift.


How to sign up

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who appreciates color or has an affinity for crazy socks, this is it. Fill out the form and they'll receive a new pair of ankle socks every month with no commitment. They'll also get access to their own personal account page where they can manage their subscriptions. And if they need to make any changes down the road? It's easy as pie!