The Sock of the Month Club That's Guaranteed to Make Your Feet Happy: A Subscription Service Review


Socks are like underwear -- everyone needs them, but no one wants to pay much attention to them. Fortunately, there's the sock of the month Club, a sock subscription service that sends you 4 pairs of fun and colorful socks every month at $10 per pair plus shipping. The company, based in California, promises that each of their socks has been designed with the latest trends in mind, and they stand behind their products with an unconditional guarantee -- if you don't love your new socks, send them back!


How it works

What is a sock of the month club? It is a subscription service where you can get socks delivered to your door every month. How does it work? You sign up for a membership and select either 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Every month you'll receive an assortment of six pairs of socks that are hand-picked by our team (with themes like crazy color dress socks, cool socks for men, and more). You can also skip any month that you don't want any socks. What do these memberships cost? The 3-month membership is $19 with free shipping in the US. The 6-month membership is $38 with free shipping in Canada and US. The 12-month membership is $72 with free shipping in US and Canada.


Pros and cons

- Clothing is one of the most common ways for people to express their individuality and a monthly sock subscription service could be a way for someone to do just that. - The subscription service has over 20 different pairs, including a variety of styles and colors so you can find something that fits your own tastes. - The socks are durable and will stay in shape after washing them. - fun socks for men is a perfect gift for fathers day, christmas, birthday or any occasion!


What you can expect

If you're looking for some crazy socks, a gift for your dad, or just want to give yourself some fun new socks every month, this is the sock subscription service for you! You can expect cool men's ankle socks like these ones from Brookside that we reviewed. The best part about this sock of the month club is that it costs less than $20/month and even has free shipping. You'll get one pair of new dress socks in your mailbox each month with no hassle and it'll be delivered right on time every single time!


Pricing and shipping details

Shipping is free within the continental United States. The cost for shipping internationally is $8.95 and prices are listed in USD. Orders typically ship within 24 hours and arrive within three days on average. Free exchanges are offered with any purchase, which means you can buy one pair of socks and get a different pair for free if you don't like them!


Customer service experience

I had a great customer service experience with this company. I think that they offer a wonderful product and have excellent customer service. If you're looking for an awesome sock subscription service, I would highly recommend this one! They have so many different choices that anyone can find something that they love. It was really easy to order and my socks came within a few days which is great because it's always nice when you get what you paid for as soon as possible! The socks are also high quality and made from cotton. All in all, if you're looking for a good sock subscription service then I would definitely recommend this one!


Final thoughts

Luxuriate in the comfort and warmth that only a high-quality sock can provide. It's no secret that different types of socks are made for different reasons and at The Socks of the Month Club, they offer a variety of monthly subscription options. No matter what you need, they have something that will fit your needs. Their subscriptions come with one pair per month, but you can choose between two pairs or four pairs if you want more than just one new pair every month. They have everything from crew socks to fun dress socks and even awesome ankle socks for those who like to wear their socks up high. Whatever your needs might be, this is the sock club for you!