The Sock of the Month Club That's Guaranteed to Make Your Feet Happy

You’re probably familiar with the concept of subscription boxes that deliver fun and interesting products to your door each month. It’s gotten to the point where there are subscription boxes for everything from dog toys to beauty products, but socks don’t get enough love as they should! That’s why we’ve created the sock of the month Club, a service that delivers unique and stylish socks straight to your doorstep every month. What are you waiting for? Treat your feet today! (Fun fact: We offer free shipping on all orders over $30.)

What types of socks are there
There are a few main types of socks, including no-show and over-the-calf. Both are generally worn with casual clothing and won’t be visible under pants. No-show socks do exactly what their name suggests: They’re close to your foot, but when you wear shoes, you can’t see them peeking out. These are an excellent choice for warmer weather or if you don’t like your ankles exposed. Over-the-calf socks, on the other hand, hit above your calf muscle and remain hidden in most shoes. You might not even realize you have over-the-calf socks on; however, these can get hot in warm weather because they keep heat inside instead of letting it escape from around your ankle and foot. If you’re concerned about flashing someone at work or school, try going sockless so your feet breathe—or look into wearing tall socks under dress clothes. The top part of these socks will sit just below your knee and shouldn’t peek out while you walk. For cold weather, wool socks offer excellent insulation and wick moisture away from your skin. But cotton is still a viable option as well. Cotton socks are comfortable since they stretch slightly as you move, keeping blisters at bay. However, cotton doesn’t insulate well against moisture, so if you want to go sockless during cool months, opt for a synthetic material like nylon or spandex that wicks away sweat without clinging to your skin or sucking all of its moisture away.

What makes sock subscriptions so appealing
You don’t have to worry about running out. You can get unique socks that you never knew existed, and you’ll enjoy quality fabrics (and lots of them). And best of all, most sock subscriptions are inexpensive or even free. The average sock subscription costs $10 per month for three pairs of socks. The more expensive options include free shipping and an included gift; these usually cost between $15 and $20 per month for three pairs. Some sock clubs let you choose what style, color and size you want each month—for a little extra on top of your membership fee—but usually they’re random with no input from you. So be sure to read reviews online before signing up. If there isn’t enough variety in colors or sizes, it could turn into an annoying situation where you end up with six identical gray socks every single month. But hey, comfort over fashion! After all, your feet deserve something nice after being crammed into those sneakers all day. Plus, sock subscription services often offer cool styles that you wouldn’t find in stores, like socks with skid-proof soles or moisture-wicking fibers. And some come from companies dedicated to helping homeless children, so if that kind of business model aligns with your own values and interests then you might want to give it a try.

Tips on picking out the perfect subscription
If you’re new to subscription boxes, or just looking for a unique gift idea, consider checking out an exclusive sock club. What’s so special about these memberships? Well, they tend to feature a subscription service that delivers cool socks every month—but what really sets them apart is their ability to match each pair with your own taste and personality. In other words, as if selecting socks on your own wasn’t already hard enough! Luckily, we know from experience that there are plenty of sock subscription services worth considering. Here are three options worth investigating The sock of the month Club, Super Socks!, and JEJUBox (subscription required). But, don’t take our word for it; read on to learn more about why all of these sock subscriptions deserve a spot in your inbox . . .

Benefits of sock subscriptions
a sock of the month subscription is a fantastic way to add a little extra joy into your life. When you invest in a sock of the month club you’re automatically signing up for surprises and delight. What’s more, there are benefits associated with subscription services, especially when it comes to socks. Socks that get lost under beds or lost in laundry piles can be frustrating but with a good sock service, those problems are eliminated. Knowing that you have cool socks on their way will make your day a bit brighter. The sock of the month idea has been popularized by some of today’s most well-known subscription box companies such as Birchbox, Julep, Graze and Ipsy; they send customers special products every month based on surveys, preferences and other information from subscribers. The socks typically come from companies committed to quality manufacturing who want their socks worn by all types of people for all types of occasions. It may sound indulgent but think about how nice it would be to know that you were getting new socks sent to your door once a month. All you need do is plan out which color combination or pattern best suits your style and taste. A sock of the month subscription is not just a great value but also an exercise in convenience. Just make sure you sign up with an established company offering high-quality socks so that you never have to worry about wanting better socks or wondering if you made the right choice! With such a wide variety of sock subscriptions available online, now is the perfect time to start looking at options and deciding which one best suits your needs.

Are there any drawbacks to sock subscriptions
Yes, sock subscriptions aren’t cheap. But you get what you pay for. The quality socks tend to be made from natural materials like wool or cotton and will last for years if properly cared for. If you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to deal with ongoing sock subscription costs, a couple good pairs of budget-friendly socks can be picked up at your local department store. It may be worth it in terms of time saved from not having to shop around every few months for new socks too. Another drawback is that some sock services (like many clothing boxes) are available only to women. Want socks for men? You'll have fewer options here than clothing boxes for women, but there are still some decent men's socks out there (check out our favorite picks here). And finally, there isn't much variety when it comes to sock subscription styling: plain designs like solid stripes are pretty much all you'll find. For some people, basic is good; they just want clean white athletic socks or black dress socks without any distracting patterns or logos on them. However, if you're interested in cool socks that match any outfit—or maybe something more dashing—you might be better off going elsewhere.