The Sock Of The Month Club Review: Is It Worth It?


If you’re looking to buy socks online or even start your own sock of the month club, you’ve probably come across sock of the month Club. But what are they? Who buys them? Why do they exist? How much do they cost? To answer these questions, I decided to order a sock of the month club subscription to see what all the hype was about! Here’s my review on whether sock of the month clubs are worth it. I’ll also tell you if I think you should start your own sock of the month club or find yourself another supplier.


Pros of the sock of the month club

I love the sock of the month club because there are so many different styles and colors to choose from.
I also love how you get a new pair of socks every month without having to go through a store or mall.
Another pro is that I can buy them for my dad as a gift without feeling like I don't know what he'll like.
And best of all, I know that he'll always have something nice to wear with his dress shoes!
My favorite part about this service is that it's personalized just for me so it feels more exciting when they show up at my doorstep.


Cons of the sock of the month club

While the sock of the month club is a fun and exciting way to get socks every month, there are some cons to this service. One con would be that you're not able to choose what type of socks you want. Another con would be that it's difficult to find socks in certain sizes because they don't offer that size in their inventory. Lastly, socks can only be gifted if they're in pairs. This means if someone wants to gift one pair of socks, they need to purchase two separate subscriptions.


Other options you have in buying socks

You can also buy socks at a store near you. But, the benefit of sock subscription is that the socks are sent to you every month, and you don't have to go out of your way to find them. Plus, it's fun opening up a package and seeing what new socks are inside.
You can get a sock of the month club for yourself or as a gift for someone else too! Sometimes all people need is new socks to feel like they're getting something fresh and exciting in their lives.
But if you're not sure which type of sock subscription is best for you, there's no need to worry because we've done the research and found our top three picks!