The Sock of the Month Club: life hacks with socks so you can use them sensibly!

The sock of the month Club: life hacks with socks so you can use them sensibly!

Six pairs of socks may seem like enough, but it’s not. Even if you have the best intentions to alternate your socks, you can’t ensure that you won’t wear two pairs on the same day and will eventually end up with two smelly sock pairs that are too small to wear. This means it’s time to start looking at life hacks with socks to save money and keep your sock collection in good shape! The sock of the month Club not only has a clever name, but also offers life hacks with socks to help you use them sensibly.


Lifehack #1. Protect your valuables

So, your socks are a good place to start. If you're going on vacation and want to protect your valuables, pack a few cotton ankle socks with you. When packing, make sure that they don't exceed the weight restrictions for your suitcase. Then when you reach your destination, slip one sock into each shoe. This is also useful if someone leaves their shoes at your home or office because now all of their fingerprints will be on just one sock instead of all over the place.
#2 Make sure to keep up with washing (seven sentences)]
Don't forget about keeping up with laundry as well. If there are any stains on socks, it's best to treat them before they have time to set in or else that stain will become permanent.


Lifehack #2. Keep your wine at its optimum temperature

Wine is most often stored in a wine cellar, but these are expensive and not practical for most people. So how do we store our wine at the best temperature? The answer is simple! All you need to do is put your wine in a sock and place it in a bowl or pot of hot water. This will keep your wine at its optimum temperature. It's that easy to keep your wines fresh and ready to drink any time.


Lifehack #3. Transport your clothes in style

We know that packing for a vacation is a stressful process. What should we pack? Who should do it? How will we get it all to our destination? Having your socks and underwear in one place is going to make it much easier. The sock of the month Club has come up with an amazing solution for this problem. They offer a sock subscription service called Socks in Style which includes two pairs of men's socks and one pair of underwear every month.


Lifehack #4. Protect your furniture from pet hair and scratches

If your furniture has been looking a little worse for wear, then this is the hack for you. First, take a pair of knee-high socks and cut off any excess length. Then, slip one sock over each leg of a chair or couch and pull up to create a pocket. The fabric will not only help to protect against scratches from your pet’s claws but it will also shield your furniture from hair that might be shed from your animal's coat.


Lifehack #5. Store shoes neatly

One of the best ways to keep your shoes from getting smelly and to avoid cluttering up your space is by storing them neatly. Here are some ways to do that:
- Use a shoe rack and store each pair together, both facing in the same direction. That way they're easy to grab without making a mess and they'll be sitting at an angle which will help air circulate better around them. - Line shoes up on shelves, again facing the same direction for ease in grabbing. This will also help air circulate better around it for less smelliness.
- Store shoes on their side if there's not much room available, as long as they don't touch each other or any walls.


Lifehack #6. Create a sock puppet

This is a fun sock puppet idea for kids and adults that can be used at home, in classrooms, or as a decoration. The first step is to find an old sock and cut off one end. Then, stuff it full of old crumpled up newspaper or other material for stuffing. Finally, draw on its face using markers or paint and make it come alive with personality!


Lifehack #7. Create an instant speaker for your phone

This hack is a great solution to all those times when your phone's speaker dies, and you're in need of a quick solution.
1. Find an old sock and cut it open. 2. Put your phone inside, making sure that the headphone jack is visible through one end of the sock. 3. Tie off one end of the sock and do up your shoe, holding onto the other end as if it were a shoelace knot. 4. Pull on both ends to tighten until there is enough friction for sound to travel from your phone into your ears!


Lifehack #8. What to do with all those old, clean underwear?

If you're living alone, then there's no need to keep a drawer full of clean underwear. If on the other hand, there are two or more people sharing your home, it's a good idea to have an extra drawer for clean underwear and socks. This way when one person needs clean clothes, they know exactly where to look for them and don't have to ask anyone else. Plus, this is also a great way to save money and not waste energy by doing laundry as often.