The sock of the month club just got sharper! Check out our newest philosockphy socks.

The sock of the month club just got sharper! Check out our newest Philosockphy socks.

Do you have any socks? Do they have holes? Is it time to get new ones? No matter your sock situation, you can’t go wrong with our newest addition to the Philosockphy sock of the month club, perfect for anyone who appreciates fine men’s apparel and likes cute socks! We’ve included an overview of all 3 styles available this month on our website, but here’s an exclusive peek at one of them—let us know which one you like best!

A history of philosophy, socks, and Sharpie

Sharpie socks are not your typical sock subscription. We believe that if you're going to spend time with someone, it should be a close friend, or a loved one - not some stranger in a box every other day. Philosophy is all about finding what makes life worth living and then living it fully, which is why we partner with other companies who share these values - so we can bring you socks that will make you feel like your best self while also supporting causes that are important to you.

I believe... by Descartes

If, therefore... by Aristotle

If you love to solve puzzles... by Bertrand Russell

The unexamined life... by Socrates

Choose any pack and we will put your own philosophy on them for free - just contact us in advance with your idea