The Sock of the Month Club is Making a Comeback - Here's Why You Should Join

The sock of the month Club is Making a Comeback - Here's Why You Should Join

Wearing the same old pair of socks every single day can be boring and frustrating, so why not spice up your sock drawer with the sock of the month Club? We’ve got five great reasons why this sock subscription service might be right for you! Read on to learn more!


What is the sock of the month Club?

The sock of the month Club provides you with socks that are not only comfortable and fun but also can be changed to fit your style. Each month they send you a package filled with three pairs of unique socks which includes one dress sock, one casual sock, and one fun patterned sock. The company also offers men’s ankle socks, crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks, and best crew socks so there is something for everyone.


How much does it cost to join?

Membership to the club is only $29/month and includes 5 pairs of fun socks from all over the world. Choose from over 20 different categories including crazy color dress socks, fun dress socks, funky crew socks, cool ankle socks for men, and more! Shipping in the U.S. starts at $2.95 or you can choose free shipping on orders over $30.


What kind of socks will I receive?

Socks are a great way to express your personality and match your outfits, so we want you to be able to wear them as soon as possible. We will send out your first pair within two weeks, and then another pair every month thereafter. Plus, if you're not satisfied with any item from our curated selection of colorful socks, we'll happily replace it or offer a refund.


When will I get my socks?

cool socks are like a breath of fresh air. When you wear them, it feels like you're wearing something out of the ordinary--something that people notice, something that makes you feel different. The sock of the month Club is making a comeback, and it has everything to do with how cool socks make people feel.
The best crew socks come from companies that focus on what their customers want and need. They offer personalized service, so you get one-on-one attention from your sock stylist; they give you the opportunity to choose what kind of socks, colors, and designs you want for your first month's delivery; and they send your order right to your doorstep every month on time without fail.


How do I join?

sock of the month Clubs are making a comeback, and for good reason. They offer cool socks, awesome socks, colorful socks, fun socks, etc. Plus they make for great gifts! If you're interested in joining one, here are some to choose from: The Loose Threads Socks of the Month Club ($30), crazy color dress socks ($35), Men's Ankle Dress Socks ($10)
You can subscribe to one by clicking on one and following their directions.