The Sock of the Month Club is Making a Comeback – Here’s Why You Should Join

The sock of the month Club is Making a Comeback – Here’s Why You Should Join

If you love socks as much as I do, you know there’s nothing better than getting a fresh new pair delivered straight to your door each month. The sock of the month Club was popular back in the day, but it disappeared off the face of the earth at some point in time. Recently, though, sock subscription clubs have started to make their way back into the market and I couldn’t be happier about it!


5 Reasons You Need A ‘sock of the month’ Club In Your Life

If you want to feel like a kid again, or just want to add some fun and colorful socks to your wardrobe, then this new sock subscription service may be just what you need.
1) It's not just socks. 2) The best part about each month's delivery is that it includes something new and unique to try out - from crazy color dress socks or funky crew socks or even dressy ankle socks - there are so many styles for every occasion. 3) There's the sock of the month club, which sends out packages once per month with three pairs of funky, colorful socks inside. 4) If you're looking for awesome Christmas stocking stuffers, they've got those too!


How The sock of the month Works

Each month you'll receive 3 pairs of some of the most stylish, high quality socks on the market and for only $7.99 per month (plus shipping and handling). The best part? For every pair that comes in your monthly package, we donate one pair to someone in need. It's a win-win!


What Are Their Subscription Options?

- Monthly Subscription: They offer monthly subscriptions, where you receive one new pair of socks per month. This package costs $24.99 plus shipping and handling.
- Quarterly Subscription: If you would like to save some money, they also offer quarterly subscriptions for $74.99 plus shipping and handling. This package includes 4 pairs of socks, which are delivered within 4 months time.
- Annual Subscription: This subscription is perfect for people who love shopping around for new clothes or gifts! The annual subscription package will cost you $144.99 plus shipping and handling, which include 12 pairs of socks delivered in 12 months time.


Pricing And Discounts

When you join, you'll receive 3 pairs of different socks. For just $5, you can opt to receive one pair every month or have a three-month plan for just $10. It's hard to go wrong with this sock subscription for men because it has everything from dress socks to crazy ankle socks. When you become a member, your first shipment will include two pairs of high quality and funky mens colored socks in an assortment of patterns and prints.
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Our Verdict On This Company

I always have trouble finding cool, colourful socks for my dad. They don't seem to exist in stores anymore and I can never find them online. I was so happy to find The sock of the month Club because they offer both men's coloured ankle socks as well as fun dress socks with great designs. It's not only an awesome sock club but it's also a great gift idea for any man in your life!