The Sock of the Month Club is Making a Comeback!


The sock of the month club was all the rage back in the 1980’s and 1990’s when our parents were children. It seems like it just faded into obscurity in recent years, but the sock of the month club is making a comeback! If you haven’t heard about it before, here’s what to know about getting in on this fun trend that allows you to give unique gifts to your loved ones – even if you can’t find them socks for every occasion as you might have in the 80’s and 90’s.


How it all started

In 1929, Mr. Johnson created the first sock of the month club. It was called Socks For Soldiers and it shipped socks to U.S soldiers overseas during World War II. In 1948, he founded Johnson's Hosiery Company and in 1985 Johnson's Hosiery Company launched what is now known as The Original Booty Box: The Booty Box Lifestyle Subscription Service.
It was not until 2009 that The Booty Box would introduce a sock of the month club: The Original Booty Box - Mens Monthly sock subscription Service (AKA Booty's).
Since then, they have been shipping cool mens socks to subscribers around the world, including ankle socks and crazy color dress socks for men!


What we can learn from them now

It's been about five years since I last checked out sock subscription services. But now it seems like they're back in vogue, and I'm excited to see what's new on the market. Mens purple ankle socks are one of my favorite types of socks, but now you can find mens colourful socks, or even mens colourful socks with patterns. It's pretty crazy how much has changed in such a short time and all because people have rediscovered the joys of owning quality socks. If you're looking for fun socks for men or fun men's ankle socks as gifts, then this should be your place to go.


Examples in our modern life

There are so many sock subscription clubs out there now, but most focus on women. The sock of the month Club is making a comeback with their fun dress socks and cool socks for men. They offer monthly gift packages that include up to three pairs each month. You can even customize your package with your favorite colors and style, or have them send you something different every time! Plus, they never charge you for any additional shipping and handling charges. With this deal, it's easy to find something that suits your needs without having to worry about extra fees.


How you can start your own sock of the month club

Socks are an underappreciated luxury, and to be honest, most socks are pretty boring. That's why we created our own sock subscription club that would deliver a new pair of colorful socks to your door every month.
If you're looking for inspiration for your business, here are some steps you can take:
- Find something that you're passionate about in order to create something special - Use social media to connect with potential customers and create brand awareness - Choose from any number of incentives (e.g., free shipping, discounts) to get people excited about your idea - Develop an attractive website in order to make it easy for users to navigate


Things you should consider before starting one

What is your idea? Do you want to focus on men's socks or women's socks? What kind of design do you want to include in your sock? How many pairs should they be in each package, and how often should they be delivered? What materials will you use for the socks, such as cotton, wool, polyester or nylon? What type of company name should you have for this business idea? Do you have a logo yet? If not, does anyone know someone who can help with that for free? You also need to think about whether or not it would be best to start online or offline.


Examples of successful sock clubs

The sock of the month club was all the rage in 2017, so it's no wonder that they're making their way back into people's lives. The excitement over new socks each month is enough to make anyone happy, not to mention these clubs are an excellent gift idea for any occasion. If you're still on the fence about whether or not to sign up for a sock of the month club, don't worry! There are many reasons why this can be an excellent choice for you or someone else.
-There are some really great subscription boxes out there with ankle socks, crew socks and even colorful striped socks.
-You'll never have to worry about finding matching pairs again because these subscription boxes include two pairs every single time - one short and one tall.