The Sock of the Month Club is Making a Comeback

Although the sock of the month club may seem like an old-fashioned novelty, these subscription services have made a comeback in recent years. Whether you’re just looking to add some variety to your sock drawer or you want to help improve the life of someone less fortunate, having several pairs of cool socks delivered to your doorstep each month is a pretty great way to do it. Read on to learn more about why the sock of the month club has become so popular and what you can expect when you sign up for one of these awesome services!

A Brief History of Online Subscription Boxes
It’s no secret that subscription boxes have been all over social media for a while now. I mean, everyone has at least one friend who constantly posts pictures and videos of their shipments, right? This phenomenon began with food subscription boxes (think Blue Apron or Hello Fresh), but they soon expanded to things like coffee subscriptions and even sock subscriptions! At first glance, it’s not super obvious why socks would be big in the subscription box world. After all, you can just pick up a pack of socks whenever you feel like getting some new ones... Right? Well, maybe—but today we’re going to dive into sock subscriptions and find out what makes them so popular. Here are a few common types of sock subscriptions: Classic sock subscriptions: If you love wearing colorful socks and want an easy way to get them on time each month, classic sock subscriptions are perfect for you. These companies offer dozens of awesome designs for men, women, children, pets... pretty much anyone who wears socks! But don’t worry—these aren’t just plain old boring white socks; these companies take their sock-designing seriously, which means lots of fun patterns and styles. Subscription sock clubs also usually come with other goodies like socks clips, jewelry, special tools... you name it! Some great examples of classic sock subscriptions include Bombas, Happy Socks, Stance and more. They may sound expensive ($12-$30 per pair) but that’s still a lot cheaper than buying a nice pair of designer socks from Zara.

Types of Subscription Boxes
What’s Hot and What’s Not : While sock subscriptions are fairly new to our retail options, other industries have been offering them for years. Which types of subscription boxes do consumers like best, and which don’t work as well? Here’s what you need to know. Cool or Cringe-Worthy: Are Subscription Boxes Right for Your Business?: One in every 10 Americans currently subscribes to a box service; an estimated 1 million new shoppers sign up each month. But how will your customers react to a subscription box? And should your business even jump on board with one of these services? Let’s take a look at whether they make sense for small businesses. How I Quit My Full-Time Job at 25 Years Old (And How You Can Too) : At 26 years old, after years of planning and saving, I quit my full-time job . . . and then spent almost three months lounging around my apartment watching Netflix and not paying rent. Is that crazy? Am I crazy? Maybe both, but it was also totally worth it. 7 Steps to Starting a Sock Subscription Company : If you want to start your own sock subscription company, there are some things you need to think about before putting pen to paper and getting started on designing your brand... Here’s what I did when starting out.

Pros and Cons to Getting a Subscription Box
A sock subscription service sends you great socks for only $10/month. They come in different styles, shapes and materials. Some are more likely to survive your washer and dryer than others. Here’s a look at some pros and cons to consider when purchasing a sock subscription box A sock subscription might be nice if you don’t have time to shop around for cool socks each month. And maybe you don’t even know where to shop online for men's or women's style socks. In that case, a sock of the month club can deliver exciting new socks directly to your doorstep each month! Just what fashionistas need! Right? Learning how to start a business from conception to execution.
Read 'How To Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide'. Then write up an executive summary outlining key areas that are specific to our idea - 'How To Start a Business: An Executive Summary'. * It will help make sure we stay on track when starting up our business. Having read through each section in How To Start a Business, I have compiled an overview of what I think each area means and how it will affect me. The process has been insightful, educational and full of great advice for getting going with my business venture!

4 Great Sites for Subscription Socks
While it might not seem like it at first, subscription socks are having a moment. Thanks to e-commerce sites like Bombfell and ShoeMint, there’s no need to trek to your local mall in search of snazzy new socks—just sign up for one (or all) of these sock subscriptions and start receiving new pairs every month! Best part? With each pair costing about $12–$15 (depending on style), you can buy more than one pair for under $30 with shipping included. These sock subscription services make great gifts, too!
As a fashion forward guy or gal who appreciates quality clothing and accessories, you can never have enough options when it comes to fun socks that look good while they’re keeping your feet dry and comfy. For anyone looking for both form and function with their socks, subscription services are one of today’s hottest trends in shopping; and with brands like Bombfell offering luxury sock subscriptions (including beautiful patterns from Falke) there’s no need to compromise on style. From men’s dress socks to women’s casual socks and even kids socks—Bombfell has something for everyone! The best part? With Bombfell delivering premium sock styles every month for just $12–$15 each pair (with free shipping included), subscribers can shop more than one pair of socks at a time without worrying about blowing through their monthly budget. All Bombfell subscribers get to choose three pairs per month from an array of clean and classic styles—with new pairs rotating in every 30 days so there’s always something fresh to try out!