The Sock of the Month Club: How to Wear No Show Socks without Ruining Your Outfit


If you subscribe to our sock of the month club , you’ve probably been wondering how to wear your new socks without ruining your outfit. Worry no longer, dear fashionistas, as we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that will ensure your socks match your look instead of detracting from it.


Deciding if you want No Show socks

No show socks are a great way to help keep your feet warm during colder months. However, wearing them can be a challenge if you don't know how to wear them properly. You may ruin your outfit or make it look sloppy if you're not careful with no show socks. The first step is finding out what kind of sock fits best with your clothing preference. Men often have fun dress socks, casual ankle socks, and cool crew socks that would go great with jeans and a t-shirt. Women have more options like crazy color dress socks or colorful socks for women that will suit their style preference. If you're still not sure which type of sock suits you best then this guide should help decide whether or not you want no show socks in your sock drawer!


Wearing no show socks with shorts

- When wearing no show socks, keep your pants or shorts just below your knees. - If you're going for a sporty look, wear no show socks with running shorts. - If you want your socks to peek out of your shoes, wear no show socks with shoes that are low-cut at the ankle.
- If you're wearing dressy shoes and suit trousers, try pairing up black dress socks with a pair of formal leather lace ups or loafers.


Wearing no show socks with pants

If you're going to wear no show socks, it's important that you follow a few rules. First off, they should be worn with pants. Secondly, they should never be too tight around the calf so that they show and make your legs look like sausage links. Thirdly, if you're wearing pants that are cuffed at the bottom (khakis or trouser-style jeans), then it's best not to wear no show socks because when your pant leg is turned up, it will reveal your ankle sock. Finally, if you're wearing shorts or short pants and have no other option but to wear no show socks--you can pair them with an over-the-calf sock for added coverage.


Dress socks vs. no show socks

Dress socks are typically worn with dress shoes, though they can be worn with other types of shoes. Dress socks have a higher sock-to-shoe height so that you can see them poking out from under your pants. You may want to avoid wearing dress socks if you're going for a more casual look or prefer not to have your socks show.
No show socks, on the other hand, are designed specifically for those who don't want their socks showing. No show socks are typically just below the ankle and are often thinner than regular sock styles. They're perfect for any occasion where you don't want your feet covered but still want some extra warmth and comfort.


Troubleshooting no show sock blisters, red marks, and shoe irritation

One problem that many men find with no show socks is blisters and irritated skin. This is because the sock sits right next to your shoe, rubbing against it all day long. To reduce this risk, try wearing a pair of socks over your no show socks or wear thicker socks on top. You can also wrap a rubber band around both pairs of socks to hold them in place. Another issue that some people have is red marks from their no show sock rubbing against their leg. This happens when you wear tight clothing over your ankle and there's not enough room for your foot and sock. The best way to avoid this is by wearing looser fitting clothing so that there's more space between the skin and the sock.