The Sock Monster: Why Do Socks Always Disappear in the Laundry?


If you’ve ever bought a six-pack of socks, you know what it’s like to open your drawer to find that one sock is missing, leaving just five socks in the lot. You check your other drawers and find no trace of the missing sock—it has disappeared into the abyss, seemingly never to be seen again. Where does it go? Some say the sock monster comes during the night and steals away the lone sock from each pair.


Figuring out where your socks go

We all know the feeling. You're putting on a new pair of socks and there's always one that's missing. Well, this is not just your imagination. It turns out that socks do go walkabout, but they don't get up to much mischief - they are usually hiding in the washing machine or dryer waiting for you to find them.


Preventing lost socks

To prevent your socks from disappearing in the laundry, start by making sure you're storing them properly. It's easy to forget about them when they're not on your feet and even easier to mix up pairs. Keep them all together with your other laundry items and try folding them into a neat bundle. That way, you'll be able to easily grab a new pair out of the dryer without any of that nasty hunting for matching socks business.
You can also invest in some funky colored socks or ankle socks to give yourself an extra hand sorting through loads of whites with similar tones.


Reducing frustration by finding misplaced socks

Since socks always seem to disappear, it's easy to get frustrated and wonder where they go. The answer is quite simple: they're probably somewhere close by, but your brain has tricked you into thinking that they've gone missing. If you take a few seconds to search for them before getting frustrated, the lost sock will most likely turn up. In addition, there are some really cool sock subscriptions that offer monthly packages of fun socks and cool mens socks. These subscriptions can help reduce frustration because you'll always have new pairs of socks waiting for you every month!


5 Tricks to help you find your missing socks

Sock monsters are real, and they're hungry. But there's a way to fight back. Take these 5 tips from a professional sock drawer, and you'll be able to find your socks with ease.
Look for mens purple ankle socks at all times. Use mens colorful socks as markers for your favorite pair. Always put socks together before washing them. Socks always end up near laundry detergent or fabric softener. If you have lost more than one sock of the same color, wash them together again because they may have ended up mixed together with other clothes and now you can get them back!