The sock monster strikes again: another sock disappears in the laundry


The sock monster strikes again, and another sock disappears in the laundry. When it comes to the sock monster, there’s no stopping him and no reasoning with him. He will take every last sock from your laundry without remorse or hesitation. If you want to be prepared for his next appearance and stop him once and for all, follow this advice from The sock of the month Club on how to keep your socks from being taken by the sock monster...


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if this sock subscription is for me?
A. Purple ankle socks, colourful socks, or colourful ankle socks are all great styles of socks to choose from. Q. Where should I store my new sock subscription?
A. You can store your new sock subscription anywhere as long as it is safe and dry. It could be a good idea to place them into a drawer or on top of a dresser so that they don't get lost in the wash!


Why do socks disappear?

Do you ever notice how some socks disappear in your laundry? I know this sounds weird, but it's happening more and more to me. It's like they're being sucked into a vortex that only socks can see. I'm not crazy or anything, there's a logical explanation for this phenomenon. Socks are really easy to get mixed up with other clothes so sometimes when you take your clothes off at night, you might grab the wrong pair of socks from the hamper and put them on before going to sleep. This is usually what happens with my missing socks too! But don't worry, if you find yourself alone in a room full of people who are doing this too (aka all of us), then we've got good news for you!


Things you can do to prevent it from happening to you

To avoid this from happening, you can do a few things. One idea is to stop buying socks that have similar colors so if one goes missing, it's easier to find it. The next thing you could do is try and buy socks with different patterns so they'll be easier to identify when they're mixed in with your other clothes. You could also make sure that every pair of socks has a partner by storing them separately. And finally, you can periodically check your washing machine for any stray socks that might've fallen through the cracks or gotten stuck behind or underneath something else!