The Sock Monster: Socks that Disappear in the Laundry

If you love socks, but feel frustrated by the limitations of sock subscription boxes and sock of the month clubs, you’re probably wondering if there’s a better option out there – and I bet you’ve already done some research on the topic, only to come up empty handed. Let me save you the trouble and introduce you to The Sock Monster – socks that disappear in the laundry. Here’s how they work...

This is how it happens

You get your new, cool socks. You wear them to bed. You wash them with your other laundry. And when you open up your washing machine, they're gone! This is exactly what happens when a sock monster visits your house and steals your socks. The Sock Monster wants to keep all of the cool socks for himself, so he's not going to give them back until we offer him something in return. Luckily we have some items that will satisfy his appetite so there'll be no more disappearing socks!

This is why we started disappearing socks

If you're tired of losing your favorite pair of cool socks every time you do laundry, The Podo app is here to save the day. The Podo app connects with your home wifi and monitors when clothes are being washed and dried. When it detects movement, it sends an alert to your phone so you can see if anything has gone missing. It also allows you to set a reminder for when it's time to do laundry again so there will never be a chance for those pesky socks to disappear into thin air.

Podo is free on both Android and Apple devices with an annual fee starting at $6.99/month after the first year!

These are the socks you should buy if you don’t want your socks to disappear from now on

We know. It's really hard to find socks. The ones you buy always disappear or get lost in the wash. You're not alone! It's enough to drive anyone crazy. So, what can you do about it? When it comes to socks, there are a few things you should be looking for. We've compiled them here for your reading pleasure:

1) The length of your feet 2) The thickness of your feet 3) Your personal style preference 4) Your budget 5) Your laundry habits 6) The type of washer and dryer you have 7) Anything else we might have missed?

You might want these socks too, or even these ones

I know it's so frustrating when you can't find one of those pesky socks, but I have a solution! Meet the sock monster. These socks are designed to disappear in the laundry and will save your sanity. They're made out of a super stretchy material that keeps them snug and hidden, inside or outside your shoes. You'll never lose them again!