The Sock Monster: A Subscription Service for Socks that Disappear in the Laundry


How many socks do you lose in the laundry every year? Do you ever find yourself having to hunt through dirty clothes just to find one clean pair? With the sock monster, this will never be a problem again! The sock monster is a subscription service that delivers new pairs of socks directly to your door every month. It's like your own personal sock monster - this way, even if you forget which socks you already wore, or where you left them, you'll always have the option of wearing something new! This way, you won't need to waste time hunting for lost socks anymore!


The Problem

Mens socks are a challenge. They're always getting lost in the wash, and some of them just don't hold up to wear and tear. It's hard to find funky, colorful socks that don't fall apart before they even make it out of the dryer. Men deserve socks with more style and quality!


The Solution

There's no need to worry about socks disappearing in the laundry anymore with The Socks Monster. This service is a monthly sock subscription service that provides you with a new pair of socks every month. From crazy color dress socks to colorful ankle socks, there are over 100 different styles of fun and funky socks to choose from. So let The Socks Monster be your solution to never running out of socks again!


How it Works

We will come to your house and collect all of your dirty socks, then mail them back to you clean and fresh every two months. Each month will have a new theme, such as fun dress socks or crazy socks. We also throw in fun surprises along the way! We deliver to anywhere in North America. For anyone outside North America, we offer an alternative subscription service where you can send us your dirty socks and we'll send them back clean and fresh once a month.



There are many upsides to this service, including a no-hassle way of keeping socks organized, getting consistently stocked up on new colors of men's socks and even gifting your friends with unique sock colors every month. The downside of this service is they don't have women's or children's sock subscriptions. And while some might be curious about the lack of best socks, they're missing out! These are quality socks without any premium pricing. You won't find a better deal on fun, cool and colorful mens ankle socks - except at The Sock Monster!