The Sock Monster: A Subscription Service for Socks that Disappear in the Laundry


Another sock subscription service? What makes this one so special? This sock subscription service gives you back your socks! By using their high-tech laundry solution, the Sock Monster claims that they can eliminate unsightly holes in the toes of your socks while also preventing them from falling behind the dryer and getting lost altogether. So if you’re tired of having to buy new socks every few months, or if you’re just looking to spice up your boring old sock drawer with something more exciting, then this might be the right product for you!


What the Sock Monster does

If you're looking for a fun sock subscription service, then look no further. The Sock Monster is a sock of the month club with plans starting at $9.99/month. You can subscribe to be sent different types of socks based on what you need; like ankle socks, cool mens socks, or crazy color dress socks! Plus, they have gift subscriptions so you can buy your dad some cool mens socks or send your brother some funky socks as a surprise. For those who love to add some color to their wardrobe, this is the perfect way to do it without breaking the bank!


Why people love it

Men who love socks know that they're always disappearing in the laundry. That's why The Sock Monster has invented a sock subscription service designed specifically for men who are sick of losing socks. The company offers two types of subscriptions, a sock of the month club and a crew sock club. For $25 per month, members receive one pair of awesome socks delivered to their door every month - and they can opt to be surprised or pick from one of three preselected designs each month. For $35 per quarter, members receive four pairs of colorful socks delivered to their door each quarter - and they can opt to be surprised or select from three preselected designs each time period.


How it works

The sock monster is a monthly subscription service for socks. That disappear in the laundry. The great thing about this subscription service is that there are many different types of socks to choose from - from dress socks to colorful ankle socks, to fun men's ankle socks, and even cool crew socks. You can also choose your favorite color or color pattern and they'll ship you a new pair every month. The sock monster will make sure you never have a mismatched sock again!


What you get for your money

A sock of the month club is a subscription service where you receive one pair of socks each month. We've found that there are several benefits to joining a sock of the month club, including a great gift idea, fun socks for men and cool socks for men. Furthermore, we've seen how colorful and funky socks for men can make people happy! Finally, most sock subscriptions offer discounts on shipping which saves you money.
If you're looking to send someone a gift or just have something cool to wear this winter, we highly recommend signing up to be part of a sock of the month club today!


Future plans

Starting now, you can sign up to receive a pair of socks every month. We offer gift subscriptions or individual packages. Our socks are sourced from around the world and come in a variety of colors and patterns - from fun dress socks to brightly colored crew socks. Join our community and get your next favorite pair of socks delivered straight to your door!


Customer reviews

I just started getting these socks and I'm already addicted! The colors are fantastic and they're so soft. They go great with my outfits, too.
I love these socks! It's such a fun way to get new pairs of socks every month. All of them have been really cute and high quality. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun gift or who needs new socks!
The perfect sock subscription! Awesome socks delivered right to my door every month!