The Sharpest Socks Yet from Our Socks Subscription Club

The latest socks from our">sock of the month club are now available! For just $25/month you’ll receive 3 pairs of premium, high-quality socks that will last you many months through multiple washes and wears. Our socks are designed to be as comfortable as possible and have a classic style that makes them appropriate in any setting, whether at work or at home. We make sure you’re satisfied by offering free exchanges and returns on all orders so that you can easily exchange your socks if they don’t fit perfectly or are damaged during delivery.

How we started making socks

Launched in 2016, the Philosockphy is a monthly sock subscription club that sends you 3 new pairs of socks each month. We have been featured on Product Hunt, GQ, and more. We've also done giveaways with notable YouTubers such as Casey Neistat and DanTDM. The best part about our club? It's only $12/month!

Why we always use high-quality fabrics

At Philosockphy, we believe that the quality of materials used to make socks is just as important as the design. We're so confident in our philosophy that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products.

How this month’s pattern was inspired by the designers’ dog

In his spare time, Mr. Sharp likes to go on long hikes with his dog, who is a very fashionable pup. One day, Mr. Sharp came home to find that his pup had chewed up one of his favorite pairs of socks! What am I going to wear now? he thought to himself. As he inspected the pile of chewed up threads, he realized that this could be a good opportunity. He could design a sock that would be durable enough for hiking but also stylish enough for work! After all, what's better than one pair of sharp socks? A whole drawerful!

What the heck makes these socks so sharp

We take your feet seriously, and we think socks are the unsung hero of any outfit. That's why we've been working hard to deliver you the most comfortable and fashionable socks around. And now, with our newest Philosockphy collection, we've taken things up a notch. From our premium fabrics like Stretch Jersey Cotton to our luxurious yarns like Mulberry Silk that provide extra-softness and strength; these are the sharpest, most comfortable socks yet.

Where you can buy these amazing socks

We're excited to introduce our newest (and sharpest) socks yet! These socks are sure to make you feel like a rockstar. You're going to love the way they look and feel. Plus, they come in three different colors so you can pick your favorite. The best part? They ship right to your doorstep every month with four new pairs of socks waiting for you!