The Sharpest Socks Yet from Our Socks Club

The Sharpest Socks Yet from Our Socks Club

A brand new month has rolled around, and you know what that means: our socks of the month club has come up with another exciting collection of socks to share with you! This time, it’s the Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Yet, and we can’t wait to show them off! But since we do things a little differently here, let’s see what’s in this new collection! This first sock represents the idea that even in hard times, we should be thankful for what we have because there are always worse situations someone else might be facing.

Why We Created Our Own Subscription Box

We’re on a mission to make people think more deeply about their socks. Today, we’re excited to announce our newest product: Philosockphy Socks. This is our latest innovation for our ongoing quest to bring sock subscriptions to office-goers around the world. These socks are designed with a playful, thought-provoking twist in mind—and they’re designed specifically for those who subscribe to">sock of the month clubs. Like all of our products, Philosockphy will make you look good and think smart at work, thanks to its carefully crafted design that lends an air of intellectual curiosity wherever you go. They also offer a distinctive scent that stimulates a philosophical mindset instantly, no matter what your line of work may be.

What Is a Monthly Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are all about convenience. Think of it like a subscription to Netflix or HBO. You don’t have to run out to get it when a new episode comes out; instead, your favorite show shows up at your door. That same idea is behind monthly sock subscriptions: Instead of shopping for each pair of socks you need and sorting through stacks to find matching pairs, you get them in a convenient package every month. For these types of subscriptions, it’s important that you not only like colors and patterns, but also remember exactly what pairs go with what shoes and suit pants so that you can wear them with confidence.

Benefits of Subscribing to a Monthly Box

When you’re shopping for socks, you can easily get overwhelmed. There are so many brands and types to choose from, not to mention varying costs. Luckily, there’s a solution: subscribing to a monthly sock box. It provides socks in an affordable and efficient way while also reducing waste and saving time. Here are three benefits of buying">socks subscriptions

Philosockphy's October">sock of the month Club

We're psyched to share that we're now offering monthly sock subscriptions through our online store! Each month, we'll ship out three pairs of ridiculously comfortable socks—and you'll get a new pair in your mailbox each month. When you sign up for our sock club, you can expect two things: one, insanely cool socks; and two, a nice little surprise along with each shipment. The first time they arrive? It's going to be a fantastic day. Get ready! Details are below...

How To Subscribe to Philosockphy's Socks of the Month Club

Philosockphy's will select a pair of socks based on one of our brands three major categories, which is: Business First, Adventure First or Gentleman First. Each pair of socks is super soft, comfortable and sharp looking! For example, we recommend wearing these fine sartorial socks with a classic navy suit to your 9-5 business meeting or wear them with your favorite adventure first cargo shorts and t-shirt while you're going on an adventure in Yosemite! Then again we encourage you to try them out with your favorite business first blazer and slacks while attending a job interview! We're positive that you'll find that no matter what category of Philosockphy's socks you go for it'll be sure to help add confidence to any outfit.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each month, you'll receive a package of five pairs of socks delivered to your door. You can choose from any style we've ever released at any time. We believe in keeping things simple and affordable. It costs just $9/month plus shipping & handling to become a member—and best of all, that's less than $2 per pair of socks! Whether you buy just one pair or go all out and subscribe for a full year, everything will be tailored perfectly to your preferences—and shipped right to your doorstep. Each month’s package is guaranteed not to exceed $10 in total value (shipping & handling included). And if you're unsatisfied with what we send you, let us know and we'll try our best to make it up to you!

Why There is No Premium Membership Tier

Some people believe premium membership tiers are a great way to upsell. The truth is that they’re not all that effective, and they can actually hurt your conversion rate. They sound like an amazing offer, but in reality, people don’t want to pay extra for something if it doesn’t benefit them in some way (other than bragging rights). Customers feel like they get more value when they receive access to everything you have to offer instead of having to choose what’s important. This approach also frees you up from trying to uo c ; tayhto&u;p l u apat eo& e roltaitvol.p