The Sharpest Socks Yet from Our Socks Club

The Sharpest Socks Yet from Our Socks Club

A brand new month has rolled around, and you know what that means: our socks of the month club has come up with another exciting collection of socks to share with you! This time, it’s the Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Yet, and we can’t wait to show them off! But since we do things a little differently here, let’s see what’s in this new collection! This first sock represents the idea that even in hard times, we should be thankful for what we have because there are always worse situations someone else might be facing.

Introducing Philosockphy Socks

Is there anything better than receiving a care package in your mailbox? Nothing warms our heart more than pulling a neatly-wrapped gift out of an envelope and discovering it’s a surprise we’ve been waiting for all month. That’s why we created Philosockphy, our very own sock subscription club. We are so excited to offer these kickass socks that take you through your day with a smile on your face. Let us show you how awesome they are...

How We Design Our Products

Each month, our socks club members receive a new pair of black dress socks. We design and manufacture our socks based on what you told us you wanted in your monthly package. For example, we asked if you'd like more patterned options, including stripes and argyle patterns. You said yes, so we did just that. The result? The sharpest pair of socks yet in our lineup. Your style: done right every month.

About the Philosophy Behind The Brand

Philosophers had to get dressed, too. That’s how our socks are born. Now you can keep your feet and mind feeling fresh with our monthly sock subscription service! Each month you’ll receive a hand-picked pair of socks designed to compliment your casual or dressy wardrobe. Our sock club allows you to join with other followers of Socrates who share an appreciation for strong thinking and quality footwear. Support philosophy in style by stepping out in one of our Philosophy themed socks!

Where To Buy Philosockphy Products

If you’re looking to buy Philosockphy products, head over to our online store. If you want to try out">socks subscriptions, we recommend our Socks of The Month club, which includes one pair of socks each month (your choice). Be sure to check out new and old favorites in our ever-expanding sock selection. Try a pair today! Looking for quality socks? Our philosophy is that philosophy should be fun. But we can’t ignore how boring it is to buy socks every month when you have better things to do like go outside or read a book or maybe meditate? That’s why we offer two ways to get Philosockphy products: ------------- 1) Subscribe! You can order a subscription for any number of pairs per month.

Reasons To Join Our Socks of the Month Club

We’ve recently added a new philosophy-themed sock to our">sock of the month club, and it’s our sharpest design yet. Called Truth Be Told, it features a deep pink background and quotes like, Without truth, we are lost. And while all of our socks feature distinctive designs, they also pair well with any outfit – whether you wear them with sandals or boots, khakis or dresses. Plus, for a limited time only, subscribe to our monthly sock club for just $10 (regularly $15). So whether you want to look good in your next job interview or just feel great all day long in your favorite outfits, order one of these philosophical socks today!

See What People Are Saying About Us

So far, our socks club has been a huge success. Since we launched just three months ago, our business is already booming. We’ve given a few customers very early access to our newest styles and they’re loving them! And, to celebrate our first group of customers—people who saw us when we were tiny—we’re offering all new members 10% off their first order with us. To take advantage of your offer, sign up for a free membership on our website now! All you have to do is enter your name and email below (with no obligation). As soon as you confirm your membership by clicking on that link, you can get started adding any of these great products to your shopping cart right away.