The Sharpest Socks Yet from Our Sock Subscription Club

Want to be the sharpest dressed person in the room? The Sharpest Socks Yet from our sock of the month Club will have you standing out in all your sock-wearing glory, even if your wardrobe isn’t quite as fancy as you’d like it to be. In addition to providing you with one pair of awesome socks each month, our sock subscription club will also teach you how to choose and pair socks correctly, helping you improve your overall style while making sure everyone knows that you value yourself as an individual and love nothing more than dressing well.

Why We Needed a New Type of Socks

We wanted a new type of socks because our other socks were just not colourful enough. We were tired of wearing the same old black and white socks, so we decided to make a pack of coloured socks! The socks are made with soft cotton and have non-slip grips on the soles.

What Makes These New Socks so Great

We have a brand new pair of socks just in time for the winter season! We wanted to design a sock that was colourful and went with a lot of outfits, but also had some fun personality. These are our sharpest socks yet, so if you're looking for some new socks this season then we've got you covered!

Benefits for People Who Love (and Wear) Amazingly Comfortable, Durable Cotton and Acrylic Men’s Dress Socks

How does one purchase the most amazing socks in the world? Well, we’ve got you covered with our newest subscription service, Cotton and Acrylic Men’s Dress Socks. Every month we will mail you a pair of socks that are designed with comfort, durability and style in mind. You can now enjoy a new pair of dress socks each month without ever having to worry about going shopping again!

How do I get started? Choose your preferred subscription plan below and then fill out the order form on our website:

- 2 pairs for $8 per month - 4 pairs for $14 per month - 8 pairs for $21 per month

Members in our sock subscription service get 10% discount on all socks, including these new ones. You can join here

We're always looking for new ways to show our appreciation for our members, and one way we can do that is with a 10% discount on all socks. These socks are so colourful, they will jazz up any outfit! If you're not already a member of our sock subscription service, you can join here.