The Sharpest Sock Philosophy Yet from Our Socks Club


sock of the month clubs are popping up everywhere, but these are not your standard boring sock subscription clubs. Our socks club was started by an avid bicyclist who thought it would be great to have an awesome pair of socks to wear while pedaling around town. Our philosophy here at Sock Club headquarters is simple - we don't want our customers to get just another pair of socks, we want them to get the absolute sharpest pair of socks possible!


What are we talking about here?

We want to give you the best sock subscription available. With our socks of the month club, you'll receive a new pair of unique socks delivered to your door every month. We offer two different sized packages that each come with six pairs of top-notch socks: 1) The Starter Pack, which includes one pair of crew and five pairs of ankle-length socks, and 2) The Deluxe Pack, which comes with two pairs of crew and four pairs of ankle-length socks. We have the best sock subscription for men's colorful socks that are perfect for those who love fun dress socks or crazy color dress socks. Whether it's crazy color dress socks or just plain ole' cool mens ankle sock we've got you covered.


How do philosophy and socks go together?

Sharp philosophy socks have been around for a while but what makes these ones different is they are also really comfy! You can't just wear boring black and navy socks anymore. With our best sock of the month club, you can get fun socks for men and colorful mens socks in every month of the year. Give your dad, brother, or husband the gift of cool socks this Father's Day with our sock club. They'll thank you later when they're more stylish than ever!


Why is this a thing?

There's nothing worse than having your feet freeze on a cold winter morning. Not only that, but it can also be embarrassing when you have to go out and buy new socks because your old ones are too thin or they've worn out. That's why we created our socks club! With this club, you'll get high quality colorful socks delivered right to your door every month so you can be sure your feet are always warm and cozy. We're not just sending you any old pair of socks though - we want the best experience for our members so the socks in each package will vary in color, pattern and design. For example, some months might feature black and white striped ankle socks while other months might feature fun men's ankle socks with bright colors and patterns.


Why should I be interested in this at all?

These are the sharpest socks philosophy we've had yet in our sock club. With the new designs, we're sure that you'll find something to your liking. The mens purple ankle socks are a great gift for an office mate or a coworker. They're just as good for lounging at home and watching TV as they are for going out with friends to the movies or bowling alley. These colorful socks are great if you want to show off your personality while looking good and feeling comfortable.