The Sharpest Sock Philosophy Yet from Our Sock Subscription Club

The Sharpest Sock Philosophy Yet from Our sock subscription Club

Putting on socks that don’t match feels like putting on shoes that don’t fit correctly, only less comfortable and far more depressing. But with the sock of the month Club from Philosocks, you’ll never have to put on mismatched socks again! Our philosophy of sock subscriptions has been refined over many years of experience, and now we believe we have found the ideal combination of materials and design to create the sharpest, most comfortable and most stylish sock philosophy yet! Try our sock club today and get one pair delivered every month for $5 per month! You’ll be glad you did!


A New Way to Wear Socks

Wearing socks that don't match your outfit is a great way to add some fun and color to your day. Why not buy the best sock subscription club out there and get an awesome pair of socks delivered to you every month? Each month, we'll send you a pair of crazy colorful socks perfect for any event. You can wear them with your favorite shoes or as an accent for a more formal look. Your feet will be happy, your feet will be dry, and you'll have the best looking feet in the room. Join our club today!


The Importance of a Good Fit

Good-fitting socks can make all the difference between a happy and an uncomfortable day. We want you to love your purchase, and that's why we're so picky about stocking the best socks for men—from the newest crazy patterns to our personal favorite ankle sock styles. With subscription services like ours, you'll never have to worry about what kind of socks to buy again!


How to Find the Right Size

When you buy socks, your first and most important decision is what size to get. The most accurate way to measure your foot is in centimeters (cm). To convert inches to centimeters, just divide by 2.54. That means a size 10 shoe is roughly 28 cm long and a size 13 is around 34 cm.
There are generally two measurements given for men's socks: the length of the sock when it's on your feet (circumference) and the length of the sock when it's flat on a table (height). When measuring circumference, use an insole or similar object to measure around your foot at its widest point.


How to Care for Your Socks

Most people don't give their socks much thought, but they are an investment. They cost money and also need to last a long time, so it's important to know how to care for them properly. Here are some ways you can keep your socks in good condition:
- Avoid wearing the same pair of socks two days in a row or washing them with jeans or other clothes that have strong dyes. - Don't tumble dry your socks. - Try not to wash them more than once a week as this will cause them to wear out faster. And if you do wash them, use cold water and avoid drying them in the dryer. - Store your clean white socks with dark colored ones so they don't become discolored over time.


The Best Materials for Socks

To create the sharpest sock philosophy yet, we decided to partner with the best sock materials available. So, not only are they excellent quality, but they're also durable and affordable. To put it simply, our socks are made of the best stuff out there! Here's what you can expect when you subscribe to our sock club:
* crazy socks that never disappoint
* ankle socks for any occasion
* Awesome sock of the month club for every guy in your life (including yourself!)
* A monthly subscription that's budget-friendly and makes a perfect gift (trust us) * fun dress socks for wearing to work or on a first date * Mens ankle socks that go great with a pair of slacks or sneakers