The Sensible Sock's Guide to Life Hacks!


Socks are not just socks! They’re not just for keeping your feet warm and comfortable, either! With the proper training, socks can be used to accomplish all sorts of things around the house and the office, from hanging up ties to maintaining the internal temperature of your car. In this guide to life hacks with socks, you’ll learn how to use your socks sensibly and actually get something done at the same time!

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Top 8 ways to use socks in your everyday life

Wear socks as slippers - If you're in a pinch, you can always just wear socks as slippers. It'll keep your feet warm and cozy while protecting your floors. Plus, it'll be easy to throw the socks in the wash once they get dirty.
Wear socks on your hands - Wearing a pair of thick winter gloves can be really annoying and uncomfortable. Instead, try wearing a pair of thick, woolen socks on your hands instead. It'll keep your fingers warm and free from chaffing while giving you the opportunity for some dexterity with those toes.
Use dressy ankle socks for armwarmers - Now that it's finally getting colder out, we have some new ways for you guys to stay warm!

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9 More Ways to Use Socks

It's not just for your feet. The socks you wear can be a fashion statement and it is important to match the color of your socks with the shoes you are wearing. Don't underestimate how important a decent pair of socks can be, particularly when travelling. And if you're looking for a gift for someone who likes trendy clothes, give them something that will last- socks. They might even remember the gift better than some other random thing from their birthday or Christmas, and they'll thank you every time they put on their new socks (unless they don't like wearing them).

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10 Tips on How to Never Lose Your Socks

1. Avoid having a tall pile of socks by only putting the ones you're wearing in your laundry basket.
2. Put a rubber band around the top of your socks so they don't get lost in the wash or come out with other clothes.
3. Get rid of ladders by folding your socks over and using rubber bands to hold them together before putting them away.
4. Put all your socks on one side of the drawer, then fold them into separate piles so they're easy to find later on when you need them!
5. Put all your laundry right next to each other, including towels and sheets, for an easier load time for both you and the washer/dryer machine when it comes time for cleaning day at home!

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Top 7 Reasons Why it is Always a Good Idea to Carry an Extra Pair of Socks

1. Did you forget your socks at home?
2. Did you get wet from walking through a puddle?
3. Did you spill something on your shoes? 2. Do you have another pair of shoes that will match the outfit better? 3. Are your feet starting to smell bad because of all the sweat and bacteria? 4. Were the socks you are wearing too tight or too loose and they started rubbing your heels raw? 5. Is it cold outside and your feet feel like ice cubes in their current sock-less state? 6.