The Secret Meaning of Your Socks: What Your Tie Says About You

At sock of the month Club, we’ve noticed something interesting about the ties our customers choose to wear with their newly delivered socks. The tie they choose to wear can say a lot about their personality and even how they like to spend their time outside of work. We conducted an informal survey among our customers and now we’re sharing that information with you in this handy guide on what your tie says about you according to socks!

No tie

To those who have never worn a tie, the necktie is an uncomfortable, constricting piece of clothing that you have to wear if you want to look like a professional. To those who are used to wearing ties, it's a fashion statement and a way to express your personality. These days, we're talking about socks as well - although not just any old pair. Philosockphy is all about what type of socks you wear with what type of shoes or pants.

Foulard (Scarf)

Foulards, otherwise known as scarves, are the iconic accessory for this season. They're a great way to add a pop of color or some pattern to your outfit. I love how they can be draped in different ways and there are so many ways to wear them. But one thing is for certain - you'll never want to leave the house without tying a scarf around your neck! The secret meaning of your socks is revealed by looking at what's on your tie.

Bow tie

A bow tie is a staple piece in any man's wardrobe. It makes an excellent accessory to almost any outfit and can be worn with anything from slacks to shorts. But what does it say about you? We've put together a few ways that you can use your tie to show off your personality.

1) The Fancy Gentleman

This type of man usually has the most expensive suit, wears a bow tie and likes to take the lead when it comes to social gatherings.