The Right Pair of Socks for Every Occasion

The Right Pair of Socks for Every Occasion

If you’re like most men, you wear the same pair of socks every day. You think, Why should I pay extra for more pairs of socks when I only wear them once or twice a week? But wearing the same pair of socks every day isn’t great for your feet or your overall health, and you shouldn’t do it on principle alone. For example, if you work in a warehouse, your feet will stay dry and blister-free if you switch up your socks when they get wet from sweat.

Casual Dress: Crew or Ankle

The world is full of extremes when it comes to fashion, and socks are no exception. But at Philosockphy, we believe that a few simple guidelines can take you from your morning workout to dinner with friends in style. Consider our three-sock guide to casual dress. For everyday wear and athletic activity, ankle socks offer comfort and easy movement. They’re also unobtrusive enough to wear with sandals or low heels as long as they’re dark colors or bright fun ones like polka dots or stripes. If you plan on exercising or being on your feet a lot during the day, opt for crew socks that will help reduce rubbing and blisters while still looking stylish in most situations—except formal ones, that is.

Business Casual: Knee-High

These dress socks don’t have to be too showy, but should still fit well and match with a variety of clothing options. Knee-highs work best with slacks and jeans, or with business casual attire. No one wants to see your ankles when you wear dress socks—unless you’re into that sort of thing. (We don’t judge.)

Semi-Formal: Over the Calf

These kinds of socks are great for dressing up a suit or even with slacks. They’re easy to find and look good with most pants or suits. Dress socks can be pricey, so it might be worth your while to spend a little more on these if you’re going to be wearing them often. Just remember: when in doubt, go over! No one wants to see ankle when they look at your feet. White is always safe and a good go-to color since they match everything—but feel free to experiment with patterns like stripes and argyles if you're feeling adventurous (or not so adventurous) that day.

Formal: Toe-High

When you want to pull together an elegant look without overdoing it, nothing can compare to a pair of black formal socks. From work meetings to weddings, formal socks are a great choice for those looking to play it safe and still impress. If you’re heading out to work in suit-and-tie office setting, be sure to pick up a pair from our formal collection. If your shoes are more casual than business-casual and still need that extra dash of polish, opt for ankle-highs—or throw on some dress shoes and go with over-the-calf socks. No matter what you wear them with, remember one simple rule: never mix fabrics!