The Power of the Sock Subscription: How a Sock of the Month Club Can Change Your Life

The Power of the sock subscription: How a sock of the month Club Can Change Your Life

When you join Philosockphy, you don’t just get another pair of socks in the mail every month. Instead, you’re joining a group of like-minded people who are looking to elevate their sock game while also getting to know one another better and building stronger relationships as they discover new parts of the country together. That’s the power of the sock subscription - and that’s how it can change your life!

What if you could change your life for $1 per day?

If you're like most people, you don't pay much attention to what's in your sock drawer. You might have one or two pairs that are your favorites, and then you just throw in whatever other socks with them.

But what if changing your socks could change your life? What if it was as easy as signing up for a monthly sock subscription? What if colorful socks made everything better?

Enter Hero, who has teamed up with Philosopher to offer some pretty amazing benefits for $1 per day.

Here's how it works: every month, we'll send you four pairs of our special H-E-R-O socks.

Our 7 Favorite Philosophies

1. The power of color

2. The importance of socks in our lives

3. The strength it takes to be unapologetically you

4. Staying true to your roots and never forgetting where you came from

5. Why we love wearing crazy socks with our crazy shoes (and why it's important that we have both)

6. Never giving up, no matter how tough things get because where there's life, there is hope

7. The awareness that being kind and present in this moment will lead us to happiness

Give up what you can, keep what you need

Keep what you need, give up what you can. The same idea applies to socks. We want you to keep everything in your sock drawer and only purchase what you need when it is time for a new pair. That way, instead of having 40+ pairs of socks taking up space in your drawers that are never worn or used, you will have 4-5 pairs and you will be able to enjoy them more! All our socks are made from 100% cotton and made here in the USA so they will last longer and we take pride in our quality.

Live simply

Life can be hectic, but that doesn't mean you need to live in chaos. We're big believers in living simply, and there's no better way to do it than with our sock of the month club. Our socks are colourful and fun, so they make your day more enjoyable while giving you peace of mind knowing that your socks won't go missing. It's simple, right? Join today!

Travel often

I love to travel. I always have and I probably always will. It's something that has never really been a choice for me, it just feels natural. There's something about being in an entirely new place, experiencing things you never would anywhere else that makes everything seem fresh and exciting again. And there is nothing more grounding than coming back home after having been away for some time and realizing how much we have to be grateful for where we are from, who we are with, what we have...

Work less, do more

Staying healthy and staying fit is hard, but with the right support system it can be easy! One way to make your life easier is with our sock of the month club. This club will send you an assortment of socks every month so you can give your feet some love and change up your outfit at the same time. Plus, each month is themed so there's something for everyone. That means that even if you're not trying to get healthy or stay fit, our sock subscription still has something for you!

Get healthy, stay fit

Are you feeling like your life has become too routine and unfulfilling? A sock subscription is just what you need to inject some excitement into your day-to-day life. With our monthly sock subscription, get two pairs of curated and stylish socks delivered right to your door every month. What will you do with all those extra socks? Why, wear them, of course! Our socks are colourful, soft and warm - perfect for staying fit during cold winter months or for wearing when you're relaxing on the couch with a good book. We have sizes from women's 6-12 to men's 10-14 so there is something for everyone!

Enjoy every moment

You'll never have to worry about forgetting an anniversary or birthday again when you subscribe to our sock of the month club! Our subscription service makes it easy to get socks that are colourful, comfortable and stylish. Plus, you'll enjoy every moment with our membership because we offer free shipping, too. You deserve the best and that's why we give you socks that will make your feet happy. And if you're looking for a gift idea, we offer socks that come in individual wrapping paper so they can be given as presents! With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


You may have heard about sock subscription clubs, but are they really worth it? In this post we're going to talk about why you should be sending socks to your house, even if you're not on your feet all day. We'll also go through how a sock of the month club can change your life by making sure you always have fresh socks in your drawer.

#1 - Quality. When was the last time you bought new socks? Maybe it was when you were running low on them and couldn't find any in your closet? Chances are that those weren't the best quality and they probably didn't last too long before starting to get holes in them or fall apart.