The Philosockphy Socks Club: A Month-by-Month Celebration of the Coziest footwear


Why get one pair of socks when you can have 12? That’s the motto of Philosockphy Socks, the newest monthly sock subscription club to hit the market. For just $9/month (plus $5 shipping), Philosockphy will send you pairs of socks themed around philosophical questions every single month! Questions like Who are we? and What happens after we die? may not seem like they have much to do with footwear, but these unique and thoughtful themes will keep you thinking all day long.


Why I started this business

I started this business to provide an alternative to the typical sock subscription box. I want to be able to give guys a fun and creative sock club that they can also show off when they wear their socks. With my awesome socks club, you'll get a month's worth of colorful ankle socks in just one package. Plus, I make sure every month is different so you never have to worry about getting bored with your socks!


How it works

Philosockphy socks are a way to celebrate each and every month by giving you new cool socks, crazy color dress socks, best sock subscription, best sock of the month club. It's a fun way to explore different colors and styles with great quality materials.
It's time to throw away those old dress socks that have been sitting at the bottom of your drawer for years now! Instead, subscribe to Philosockphy today and start fresh with a new pair every month.


Shop Now

Embrace your style with fun and funky socks from the Philosockphy socks club. Whether you're looking for a best crew sock for wearing to work, or want to rock some colorful ankle socks on Saturday morning, this monthly club has got you covered. With our monthly subscription service, you'll receive three pairs of high quality men's socks delivered straight to your door each month in a variety of vibrant colors.
Plus, every purchase from Philosookphy gives 10% back to one of our chosen charities - so not only are these socks going to make you feel good, they're also doing good!


Contact Me

Do you want to get a gift for your Dad, Brother, or Friend that is guaranteed to bring a smile? We offer colorful socks for men in all different styles, so you can find one that suits their personality. Or maybe you want some ankle socks for yourself? We have cool socks for men too! Whatever the case may be, we are sure that we have something perfect for you. If not, please contact us and we will see if we can create what you need.