The Philosockphy of the Sock of the Month Club


Philosophy has long been recognized as an important aspect of every individual, and just like people, socks are no exception to this rule. What you wear on your feet speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent to the world; similarly, what you choose to have mailed to you month after month reveals something about your personality, or at least hints at the passions that drive you through life. Of course, whether it’s the socks themselves or just how they make you feel when you put them on each day, everyone has something that speaks volumes about who they are and where their priorities lie.


Why are socks so important

Socks are more than just a practical item for keeping your feet warm in colder months. They're a reflection of you and your personality. It's important to wear socks that are fun and colorful - it's even better if they match with your outfit! So, why should socks be important to you? Well, they're an accessory that will bring life to any outfit, as well as making you feel comfortable. There are so many options out there: ankle socks, dressy dress socks, crew socks, crazy color dress socks, cool men's design socks (we have plenty!), funky mens sock subscription, or fun color men's ankle socks. No matter what style or type of sock you want to buy or what color you want it in - we've got it all!


Types of toes out there

You can find socks with a variety of toes, each with its own style and appeal. Take a look at these examples and see what you think.
- Men's purple ankle socks are perfect for men who want to try something new or need something more versatile than the usual black or brown dress sock. These socks come in both fun and formal colors and will work well as business attire.
- mens colourful socks are perfect for men who want to try something new, but don't want to go all out with vibrant colors on their feet. These cool, muted colors are still interesting without being too bold.
- mens colourful socks are also great for men who need a little extra warmth in their life.

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How did we get here?

We started out with a simple idea to help men find fun socks that were easy to ship and delivered monthly. Mens ankle socks, cool mens socks, colorful mens socks or colorful dress socks are just a few examples. We wanted to offer more than just a sock subscription service because we wanted our customers to get as excited about their sock package each month as we do. That's why we also offer fun gifts like tie sets, bow ties and cologne.

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If you don't wear them, why do they matter?

While you might not think about your socks much, they do say something about you. If you're wearing purple ankle socks, you're probably creative and quirky. If you're wearing fun dress socks, then you're the life of any party. And if your sock game is on point with cool socks for men, then we want to hang out with you!


Are there sock police out there?

No, but there's definitely a sock philosophy. Just like no two people are alike, there is not just one type of sock. And if you're wearing the right socks to go with your outfit, you'll look great. But it's not just about what you wear on your feet; it's also about what you wear on your head. A lot of guys don't think about getting a haircut until they start noticing their hair creeping up over their ears and onto their collar. It's time to take care of that bad boy before it gets outta control! I know what some people are thinking: I can get by with just washing my hair once or twice a week. I'm here to tell you that ain't so!


How bad are people's reactions when they see your socks?

When people first see your socks, their reactions will depend on what you're wearing them with. It's a fun fact that most people don't know, but they make a statement on their own!
A lot of people judge others based off what they wear and this can be especially true when it comes to socks. If you're wearing ankle socks with your dress slacks, for example, you'll probably get some pretty interesting reactions. A lot of people have strong opinions about whether or not this is appropriate.
If you've ever been in a job interview, the person interviewing you probably noticed your choice in sock before they even saw your resume.