The philosockphy of socks: why we love them and can't live without them


How could anyone not love socks? They're soft and warm, they provide cushioning and protection, and they come in all sorts of colors and styles to match your shoes, your mood, or even your outfit! But we don't just love socks—we love the ones that are a part of our own Sharpest philosophy of making philosophy fun! In fact, it's why we've partnered with Philosockphy Socks , one of the most innovative sock clubs around, so that we can bring you the same perks from our Sharpest philosophy directly to your doorstep every month.


What inspired us to make these socks

Socks are the perfect gift for a person with something to say or that you know likes to have a good time. The colorful socks for men are sure to be the right pick-me-up when they open their package at home, with a personal note on each inside. They make the best gifts as well because they're unisex and they come in two sizes: small/medium (socks 5 - 9) and large/extra large (socks 10+).

Why do people wear white socks with sneakers?

Why do people wear black socks with suits?

A story about how we developed our philosophy on life...or at least socks.

The creation process behind these beautiful sock prints