The Philosockphy of Socks: What Your Sock of the Month Subscription Says about You

The Philosockphy of Socks: What Your sock of the month Subscription Says about You

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with socks. As an 11-year-old child, I would spend hours at the local Macy’s just looking at all of the various colors and styles of socks they offered; luckily, my mother never really minded indulging me in this hobby. Now that I’m older, I still love to look at socks and plan out my sock collection for the next several months; this month will be my second sock of the month subscription, and it doesn’t look like I plan on stopping anytime soon.


How did this all start?

Socks are often overlooked, but when you're looking for something to wear with your favorite suit or a pair of sneakers and need just that finishing touch, they become indispensable. The socks you wear say a lot about you. It may not be an obvious statement like what you wear on your head or in your shoes, but it's still true. This is why we decided to launch a sock subscription service - because it's hard to find cool dress socks. We offer the best sock subscription services and our customers love it!


What our sock subscription means to us

At Philosockphy, we believe that wearing socks is an important part of our daily life. It's not something we should just put on once and forget about. We want to be able to wear them as often as possible, so we strive to offer a variety of colors and styles for all occasions and moods. We provide fun socks for men that are perfect for dressing up or down, ankle socks that are a necessity when you have a pair of dress shoes you want to show off, cool socks for men that are perfect for looking cool at work or school, and crazy color dress socks that will give your outfit some much-needed flair.

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The first step in making your own philosophy...your sock drawer layout

First, you need to figure out what type of sock wearer you are. Men can be classified as below, according to their sock drawer layout:
-Sock-of-the-month club members who love getting something in the mail each month and have a different style for every day of the week
-Men who wear dress socks at work and colorful ankle socks on weekends
-Men who enjoy wearing colorful ankle socks but don't like having to put a lot of thought into it (these men usually wear black or navy blue dress socks)
-Men that just want some solid colors, preferably at least one patterned pair (these men usually wear brown dress socks)

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Our Crazy Sock Drawer Layout - An Example

This is what our sock drawer looks like. We have a sock drawer from IKEA, so we can fit 36 pairs in it, but it's still pretty full! We keep our socks organized by color and know that if we need some socks for a particular outfit, we only have to look at one corner of the drawer. The best part is that all our socks are washable. That way, when there's an unexpected mess or spill (which happens often), we can just grab a new pair and carry on with our day!

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Consider your personality type, then match your socks to it!

A Philosockphy of Socks? Yes, you read that right. This is a list to help you match your personality to the socks you wear. Let's get started!
If you're a person who likes to stay in and binge watch TV, then go for dark and comfy socks like black or navy blue socks. If you're more outdoorsy and enjoy being on your feet all day long, then a colorful sock might be better for you. And if you just want something different in life, then sign up for a sock subscription box!
Do any of these sound like what type of person are looking for?

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Example #1 Section: Example #2 Section: Example #3 Section: Example #4

#1 Section: For those who are tired of purchasing socks from stores, a sock subscription is a great way to spice up your wardrobe. One sock club that offers some really cool pairs for men is Philosockphy. They carry a monthly sock club with themed pairs, and all subscriptions come with a free pair of fun dress socks! If you want more than one pair per month, you can purchase an additional pair at a time, which will come with its own free gift.

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Inspiration from Others

Socks are often overlooked and underappreciated. However, we wear them every day and they deserve to be an important part of our closet. Here are some things that your sock drawer says about you!
1) Mens Purple ankle socks- A man who wears mens purple ankle socks is a confident, independent person who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He doesn't mind taking risks or doing something different. 2) Mens Coloured Socks- Mens coloured socks show you're a person who likes to have fun and have a good time no matter what you're doing.