The Perfect Gift for the Person Who Has Everything - A Sock of the Month Subscription!

The Perfect Gift for the Person Who Has Everything - A sock of the month Subscription!

When the holidays come around and you’re trying to think of the perfect gift for your brother, cousin, uncle or anyone else in your life, it can be difficult to know exactly what to get them that they don’t already have. But not anymore! sock of the month (SockClub) has taken the guesswork out of gifting by creating an awesome subscription service that sends your loved ones an awesome new pair of socks each month!


What makes a great gift

For a person who has everything, a sock subscription might just be the perfect gift! They'll get to enjoy fun socks delivered right to their doorstep every month. There are so many subscriptions to choose from that you're sure to find one that's perfect for them. Choose from mens or womens socks or go with a funky crew sock subscription. From colourful socks to fun ankle socks, there's something for everyone.
So when you're looking for a gift that will make your loved one smile, don't forget about this unique and thoughtful idea!


One month subscription plan

Each month a new pair of fun and colorful socks arrives in your mailbox. You'll get a mix of crazy color dress socks, cool ankle socks, funky footless crew socks and more. The gift that keeps on giving all year long.


Six-month subscription plan

Gift them a sock subscription and they will never forget it. Plus, with our six-month subscription plan, you can get double the joy in half the time. All they have to do is tell us what size and style they like and we'll send them a sock of their choice every month for six months. They'll be spoiled rotten before you know it.


Planning your sock drawer

A sock drawer is a great place to store socks, but it can be difficult to decide how to organize them. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to plan your sock drawer:
1) Sort socks into categories (e.g., dress socks, fun socks, cool ankle socks)
2) Place like items together (e.g., all dress socks in one drawer, all cool men's ankle socks in another drawer)
3) Place similar colors together (e.g., purple and blue dress socks)


Gift certificates are available upon request

Tired of finding that perfect gift only to see it break after one use or get tossed in the back of a closet? Our sock subscription service is here to save you from all those bad gifts. No matter what your budget, we have something for everyone. We've got cool socks for men, fun dress socks, and everything in between. cool socks are good gifts because they're practical and not too expensive (plus you know he'll wear them). The best part about this gift is that it's one less thing to remember come Christmas morning. Just buy a gift certificate and our customer care team will take care of the rest!