The Perfect Gift for the Man Who Has Everything - A Sock Subscription!


When you’re struggling to figure out what to give your husband, father, brother, or friend on his birthday or Christmas this year, don’t fall into the common trap of thinking you have to give him another tie or pair of socks! Instead, consider gifting him with an ongoing subscription to a monthly sock club that will include fresh pairs of designer socks delivered right to his door every month! He’ll get a new and unique pair of socks every month for at least one year – maybe longer if he wears them out!


5 Reasons To Give a Monthly sock subscription

1. There are so many different types of socks available these days, it's hard to choose just one pair. With a monthly sock subscription, you'll receive a new pair of socks every month!
22. Did someone say crazy color dress socks? One pair each month is all you need to keep your feet from getting bored. 3. ankle socks are another great option with endless patterns and colors available! Never worry about whether or not they match again because with a monthly sock subscription you can have something new delivered right to your door every month. 4. cool mens socks are perfect for the men in your life that have everything--they get a new pair of cool mens socks delivered each and every month! 5.


What Makes Our Socks So Cool?

These socks are perfect for those that have everything. What better way to spice up your wardrobe than to add some fun and funky socks to your collection? We carry a large assortment of colorful and fun socks, like our awesome ankle socks, crazy crew socks, cool dress socks, and more. All of our men's ankle socks come in a variety of colors, including mens purple ankle socks. There is something here for everyone!


How Does it Work?

Socks are a much-needed commodity, but they're often overlooked. You can't go wrong with giving your favorite guy a subscription to a monthly sock of the month club. The best part about these subscriptions is that you get new socks delivered to your door every month. Cool socks, colorful socks, and dress socks are just some of what's included in this gift idea. Plus, you get to choose from different sock lengths and styles, so it's as personal as it is practical.


Treat Yourself Too!

If you're looking to treat someone special, give a unique gift that shows them how much you care, and make sure it's something they'll actually use, then we highly recommend our sock of the month club. You can buy gifts for yourself too and join in on the fun! We know men who love getting socks as a Christmas present or birthday present because they get to choose their own colors and patterns. Plus, they get new socks every month which is great because it means they always have fresh socks.
Mens colorful sock subscriptions are perfect because most men don't buy themselves any fun dress socks or crazy crew socks when they go shopping so we like to provide a service that gives them some more variety in their wardrobe.


Read our Reviews

I recently got a sock subscription and it's been my favorite gift to give to friends or family.
I really enjoy receiving socks in the mail. It's like getting an unexpected present!
I love wearing fun socks, so I thought this would be a great way to get some new ones every month.
My boyfriend has been looking for a good sock of the month club, but we can't find any that have a good selection of men's socks. This is perfect!
It was a fun surprise to get my first package and have it full of colorful socks.


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If you're still struggling to find the perfect gift, look no further than a sock subscription. We have socks for men in every size and style imaginable: colorful socks, ankle socks, crew socks, fun socks for men, cool socks for men. There's no better way to give your loved one a present they'll love than with a monthly surprise of new, fun pairs of cozy cotton-blend socks. You can't go wrong with our sock of the month club.