The One Club You Need to Be a Part of: Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club

Easy, no-hassle gifts. That’s what you need this holiday season—gifts that will not only put you out of your time and money, but that will also fail to impress the people you’re buying them for. Luckily, Philosockphy has you covered with its sock of the month Club.

Why do you need your own club?

Philosockphy socks are way more than just socks. They're not like your typical sock that you'll find at any department store. Instead, they have different designs, colors, and patterns for all types of people, so there is an option for everyone. Plus, they offer two options that are perfect for men who don't want plain black or brown socks. The socks with personality subscription offers a variety of colors and patterns in one package while the dress sock subscription has dressier styles in fun colors and patterns.

Philosockphy isn't just about socks--it's about connecting with others through getting your own monthly sock package! It doesn't matter if it's funny socks or purple ankle socks--everyone needs their own club!

Why should I join your sock club?

Philosockphy's sock club is awesome! We send you 12 pairs of fun, colorful and crazy socks each year. Our subscription lasts 12 months, so you get socks every month. And it gets better. We have fun with our monthly themes! January is always red and green, February is blue and yellow, March is pink and purple, April is lavender, May is brown and green... well it goes on!

We also have different styles in our sock subscriptions. If you're just looking for funny socks or cool socks for men or just plain crew socks then we have that too!

Sounds good right? Well wait until I tell you about the best part.

How is your sock club different than others out there?

Philosockphy socks are carefully curated and handpicked by our team every month. We only provide men with fun socks that are unique and colorful, making for an awesome gift for your loved one. Our socks stand out from others because we have so many different options! We offer mens ankle socks, crew length socks, dress socks, crazy color dress socks, rainbow colored dress socks, cool mens socks and more. With such variety there is a pair for everyone!

Is this really worth $39.99 a month, can't I just buy socks at the store like normal people do?

Philosocks is an outstanding sock of the month club that offers great quality socks. It is more than just mens purple ankle socks, they offer various styles, sizes, and colors. It is easy to get started too, you simply sign up for your monthly subscription and you can customize your package based on preferences and budget. You will be happy knowing that you are supporting a small business as well! And if you're looking for gift ideas or want to send some fun colorful socks for men as a present--Philosocks has got you covered!

How long has Philosockphy been around, what do other customers say about them?

Philosockphy was founded in 2017, and has been an online retailer for men's colorful socks since. The company has grown quickly, with customers praising them for their awesome socks club, sock subscription service. The company prides themselves on their high quality ankle socks for men, crew socks for all occasions, and best sock subscription service. Their selection includes colorful ankle socks that are perfect for any situation - from the office to running errands around town.