The Monster in Your Sock Drawer: Why Do Socks Always Disappear in the Laundry?


The sock monster is real. We’ve all seen it, lurking under the bed or deep in the closet of your sock drawer, waiting to devour another perfectly good pair of socks. If you’re tired of going through your drawers only to find that it looks like some kind of animal has been living there, read on for a few ways to prevent the sock monster from eating your socks or even how to keep that monster fed so it doesn’t come into your room and stare at you while you sleep.


How many socks do you go through every month?

After years of going through socks, we started to notice a trend. They always seemed to disappear when they were being washed or drying. This is because one sock will always travel with another sock and get lost in the process. The result is that you end up with many sets of mismatched socks. To combat this problem, we invested in a few pairs of crazy color dress socks which have been a great solution for when our regular socks go missing.
After realizing that there were many people dealing with this problem, we decided to start a sock subscription service called The Monster Underneath My Bed (TMMBB). TMMBB is an amazing monthly sock subscription service where you receive two pairs of awesome socks every month!


What is the best way to store your socks?

Your socks are disappearing, but don't despair! There is a way to keep them from vanishing. The first step is to find out why they're disappearing. One of the most common reasons for lost socks is that you either didn't actually do laundry or your laundry room doesn't have enough space for all your clothes and other items. If this doesn't seem like your problem, then it's time to take a look at how you're storing them. Are you throwing them on top of each other and cramming them into an overflowing drawer? Well, it's time to stop! This will only make things worse because now you won't be able to tell which pairs go with one another.


Where are all my socks going when I wash them (and why?)

Many people have had this happen to them before. You take a trip to your laundry room, open up the dryer, and you're greeted by a sea of indistinguishable socks. One of them looks like yours, but which one is it? You sort through them and come out with none that match. You were just about ready to give up when you notice something sparkly at the bottom of your pile. With some persistence, you manage to make out your tiny ankle socks from under a mound of mismatched ones. After finally finding your match and putting on that pristine pair of white ankle socks, you wonder why they always seem to disappear during laundry time.
It turns out that there are many reasons why they go missing while in the wash cycle.


How to keep your socks safe

There's a monster lurking in your sock drawer and he's hungry. He eats all of your socks, leaving you with only mismatched pairs and one lone sock left to wear on your favorite foot. Who is this monster? The sock monster! And here are some tips to make him go away.


6 Common reasons why your socks keep disappearing

There are a few reasons why socks tend to disappear. You may be putting them in the wrong pile, you might be washing them with clothes that don't match, or they might have developed holes. However, some people find that their socks keep disappearing without any obvious reason. One theory is that there's a monster living in your sock drawer who loves to eat socks! Here are six common reasons why your socks keep disappearing and how to prevent them from happening again.


How to stop your socks from disappearing into the abyss

If you're sick of socks disappearing into your sock drawer, there are a few easy things you can do to make sure they don't disappear again. First, get rid of any pairs that have holes in them. Second, try stacking your socks inside out so that the part with the most friction is on top. Third, hang up as many pairs of socks as possible instead of folding them and stuffing them into your drawers. Finally, if you're tired of always having to dig through a pile for a specific pair, invest in a sock organizer or drawer divider.