The Importance of a Sock Subscription: How Your Tie Says About You

The Importance of a Sock Subscription: How Your Tie Says About You

Say you’re at the office and your colleague’s tie caught your eye. You ask him about it, and he tells you that it’s a hand-made tie from his cousin’s first-born son’s family business in France.

#1. Pink Polka Dot Bowtie

I may look like I’m having fun, but underneath it all I’m suffering. Or maybe I just don’t know what to do with my hands. Either way, nice socks! And it might be time for you to stand up for yourself and tell me that your boss is wrong. Then again, if that doesn’t work out well for you—and it rarely does—you could always come back to my corner office where we can try and make things right by eating gummy bears and sucking on helium balloons. No judgment. Let's talk about our feelings. <3 Pink Polka Dot Bowtie

#2. Neon Orange Bowtie

One for flair! Go big or go home. Embrace your individuality and show off who you are to anyone who will listen. This person isn’t afraid to be bold, creative, and colorful while they head out into a new work week. Are they heading out on an important sales pitch? Maybe they are just one of those people who are never bored and always excited to take on their day. They don’t need to worry about not being noticed in any crowd because their look is so eccentric and attention-grabbing that no one could miss them even if they tried! This is someone whose personality truly comes through in every aspect of their life...even in how they tie their tie.

#3. Paisley and Plaid Ties

Paisley and plaid ties indicate that you may be a fun person to work with. As one study showed, people with bright-colored socks are most likely to be positive, friendly, energetic and easy to work with. If your colleague has brightly colored socks under his or her pants, then it’s likely that your workspace will be friendly, upbeat and fun—just what everyone needs from time to time! However, don’t let your cheerful socks get you in trouble. According to workplace training site Angie's List, coworkers wearing striped socks may be more rigid than their more creative counterparts.

#4. Striped Bowties

Sturdy, steadfast and able to withstand any mood or occasion, bowties have an air of sophistication that sets them apart from other neckwear. When wearing a striped bowtie, you’re confident in your ability to complete whatever task is set before you. The perfect piece for board meetings or casual Fridays alike, you know how to dress for success no matter what event is on your agenda. Though you may not always appear excited or fully engaged at work, you’re dedicated to improving yourself through every undertaking. Solid Color Bowties: A solid color tie indicates that while you have ambition and drive beyond measure, you lack direction and aren’t quite sure how far to go in order to accomplish your goals.

#5. Camo Bowties

It’s not hard to tell what kind of guy you are when you wear a camo bowtie. You love hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors. If you could spend every second outside with your family, you would. Even though it might be cold and wet, that doesn’t stop you from going out to do something exciting as often as possible. Camping in your backyard might seem strange to others but they have never seen how big your garden is! Those who know someone like you won’t think twice about it; they will look at your unique and stylish taste in clothing!

#6. Solid Bowties

If you've ever worn a pair of solid bowties, then you might not be too surprised to learn that your propensity for big and bold fashion statements is likely matched by your persona at work. It's difficult to argue with an individual who can confidently wear something as bold as a solid-colored bowtie—and those who have tried have found themselves convinced. So if you're looking for someone with passion and conviction, look no further than Solid Color Bowties. And in case you think I'm kidding about all this, here's Solid Color Bowtsie speaking on what ties say about their wearers: Bowties tell people that you're driven, confident, take initiative and are comfortable in whatever situation presents itself.

#7. Logo Ties

It's been said that you can tell everything about a man by his tie. To which you might say, What does that mean for me, stuck with my boring black tie? Our response is three-fold. First, your tie says something about you even if it isn’t flashy and bold—it demonstrates to others that you are confident enough to stand out in a crowd but smart enough not to make that same statement with any other part of your outfit. Second, we can help! It doesn’t matter if you're looking for silly designs or conservative classics—we've got 'em all. And third...well, let us just show you how versatile our logo ties really are.

#8. Geometric Patterned Ties

A man who wears these ties prefers to keep things simple and does not care about what others think. He typically goes for either classic ties or ties with a subtle pattern and geometric lines. The first time he puts it on, he doesn’t have many ideas in mind; but after thinking about it, he starts to realize that everyone will be looking at his tie instead of him. He becomes annoyed by that thought because as someone who wants others to talk to him, not his tie. As a result, he decides to use another tie next time. #9 Ribbon Patterned Ties: A man who wears these ties is trying hard to fit in with people’s expectations.

#9. Colorful Printed Ties

If you’re wearing colorful printed ties, your socks are likely to be in vibrant hues as well. In fact, if you pair yellow ties with patterned socks, you have yourself quite a unique look. If that isn’t your thing, try nausrdre o sahsa,yoecti osnotra auorh<>