The Hero's Way to the Perfect Socks: Sock of the Month Club

I know what you’re thinking...socks? Subscriptions? The two don’t exactly go hand in hand, but hear me out on this one. sock of the month clubs are amazing. I mean, they get your socks to you monthly, how cool is that? Your new favorite pair of socks are just waiting in the mailbox each month! There’s an added bonus to these clubs too. Every month, you get to try something new and different than your last pair of socks!

Save Time And Money By Getting Socks Of The Month

Is there anything better than getting a package in the mail from your favorite sock company? There's no better way to stay on trend with your socks than by signing up for our sock of the month Club.

Each month, we'll send you a pair of cool socks that are perfect for you and your wardrobe. Plus, because it saves you time and money, it will be much easier to get ready in the morning!

Do yourself a favor and sign up today!

Look Cooler (And Be Comfier) Than Anyone Else

You know how some people are always wearing cool socks? Well, now you can too with our sock of the month club. We’ve got a collection of awesome socks that you don’t have to spend hours looking for and they come right to your door! With our sock of the month club, it’s like getting a new pair of socks every month!

Get Exclusive Discounts, And Early Access To New Styles

It can be difficult to find cool socks that are both unique and well-made. Fortunately, we have a solution! Philosockphy is a sock of the month club that will send you a pair every month with new designs and styles. We offer subscriptions for men, women, or kids and include free shipping in our prices. Try it out today and get exclusive discounts on your first order plus early access to new styles while they're still in production!

Choose Your Own Adventure With Our Monthly Series

Do you have trouble finding socks that fit your feet and are made out of high quality materials? If so, then our sock of the month club is just what you need. When you join our sock club, we'll ship your new pair(s) to your doorstep every month! Not only will you get a fresh new pair every month, but with our low monthly price and 365 day membership, it will be cheaper than buying a pack at a time.

Discover New Brands And Products

It's not always easy to find great socks. It can be tough when you're looking for something that fits well, has comfort, and is durable. But it doesn't have to be! When you sign up for Philosockphy’s sock of the month club, you get a package delivered right to your door every month with three pairs of premium cotton socks in different colors. With our sock club, you can discover new brands and products without ever leaving home and still find exactly what you're looking for!

Plan Ahead – Make One Gift Last An Entire Year

Plan Ahead - Make One Gift Last An Entire Year. If you're like most people, you have a difficult time deciding on just one gift for someone at Christmas time. You may not know what they want or need, and you might be too worried about getting something they won't like. This can lead to wasting money on gifts that are never opened or used. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Instead, why not find a way to make one gift last an entire year? We have many different sock clubs that can help! Choose your favorite themes and we'll make sure that you get socks for each month in 2017.

Guaranteed To Please

It is no secret that people love socks. We all have a drawer, dresser, or hamper dedicated just to our socks. Why not get your socks in an easy monthly subscription? We guarantee you'll be satisfied with the variety and quality of our sock-of-the-month club.