The Hero's Way to Amazing Socks: Subscribing to the Philosockphy Sock of the Month Club

The Hero's Way to Amazing Socks: Subscribing to the Philosockphy sock of the month Club

Every hero needs socks! And not just any socks, but amazing socks that will make them feel like they can do anything! Subscribing to the Philosockphy sock of the month Club makes it easy to be your best self and save money while you’re at it. You’ll get the best socks that stand up to anything life throws at you, along with exclusive deals and discounts on other great products and services you might need or want as well. Plus, your subscription keeps you from missing out on any new and exciting designs as they come out each month!

Welcome to the Philosockphy Family

Are you tired of never having cool socks when you need them? Can't find a pair that matches your outfit and have a hard time remembering where they are, or what size they are? If so, then it's time for you to enter the world of Philosockphy. We know how frustrating it is when you can't find matching socks in your drawer, so we made a monthly sock club that solves those problems for good. You'll be getting curated pairs from awesome brands like Nudie Jeans Co., Stance, and Injinji—pair after pair delivered straight to your door each month.

Who We Are

Our mission is simple. We want people to enjoy their lives and do things that make them happy. To us, there are no greater heroes than moms, dads, teachers and coaches because they care for others every day. We think it's time for a change and we want all kids in America to have cool socks, something other than boring black or white. So we invented an exciting sock of the month club where you'll get three pairs of great socks delivered right to your door each month--all for just one low price! Join us today in our fight against boring socks and start enjoying life!

Why Get New Socks Every Month?

Socks are an under appreciated accessory. They provide comfort, warmth and something that looks good with your shoes. Getting new socks every month from our sock of the month club will help you get a diverse selection, so you can have cool socks all year round! We even have a Father's Day Gift Idea for Dads who love their feet.

How To Order

1. Join our sock club by selecting your first month below and clicking Join.

2. After successfully joining, you'll be redirected to a page where you can select your desired length of membership, as well as choose between two different sock styles.

3. You'll receive an email confirming your order, and after placing your order we will be in touch with any questions or concerns that you may have about getting started with our sock club!

4. And finally, when it comes time for us to ship out your monthly socks (between 1-3 weeks from date of purchase), we will send another email letting you know that they are on their way!

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Philosophy sock of the month Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers two pairs of high quality, ethically made socks right to your door. For just $16 per month, you can receive a diverse selection of men and women's socks that are perfect for any occasion. Join today and get your first month free!

Philosophy designs their socks with sustainability in mind. They use natural fabrics, waterless printing techniques, and eco-friendly packaging so you can feel good about your purchase. Plus they offer free shipping anywhere in North America which means you'll never have to pay for shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions Section

What are your socks made from?

-We have a variety of sock types. Some are wool, cotton, or acrylic.

How often do you ship out a new pair?

-We ship out a new pair each month!

What size will I be?

-You can subscribe in any size! You're guaranteed at least one great pair with every subscription.

Can I skip a month if I don't want socks that month? Yes, we offer an option to skip months!