The GQ Guide to Sock Subscriptions: How to match your socks with a tie

I love subscription boxes, but I’ve never seen any that cater to my personal style needs – until now. I was introduced to The Sock Drawer through their Kickstarter campaign, and when they asked if they could send me some socks to review, I jumped at the chance (even though it was hard to choose from the options). Here are some of my favorites!

What Are the Best Men's Subscription Boxes?

Worn in the wrong situation, cool socks are just weird. But when you're wearing them appropriately, they can make a look that much better.

One way to wear cool socks is by pairing them with simple shoes and then topping off the outfit with an equally simple suit or tuxedo. This is perfect for any occasion, whether it's for work or for an event.

cool socks will also make an outfit more casual if you wear them with sneakers or loafers. There's nothing wrong with adding one more touch of personality to your outfit if people are going to see it anyway!

What Types of Men's Accessories Do We Carry in Our Box?

We carry all types of men's accessories in our box including ties, cufflinks, socks, and more. Our accessory boxes are curated by industry experts and come in three different price points ($25, $35, $50) depending on what you need. If you're looking for something that will work well with a variety of colors and styles of dress pants or jeans then we suggest the Essentials box. For those who want their accessories to be just as stylish as they are functional then choose the Style box. And finally, if you have a specific theme or color scheme in mind then choose the Theme box which lets you select the type of accessory you need from our assortment to make sure it matches perfectly!

How Does One Tie Match With Multiple Socks?

Trying to figure out how you can wear multiple pairs of socks together can feel like a daunting task. But, fear not! We're here to help with three tips on how you can make this happen.

1) Pick out one solid color for your first pair of socks and then select two other colors for the other pairs of socks. This will allow you to mix and match as desired. 2) Keeping in mind that the objective is for each sock color within the group of three (or more) to be equally represented, set up the first pair of sock such that it covers from above your ankle down past the toes and then work outwards from there.

Three Tips for Matching Your Tie and Socks

Whether you're wearing a suit, blazer or just jeans, here are three tips for matching your tie and socks.

1) For solid or patterned ties, choose one of the colors in the design. 2) If you're wearing patterned or striped dress pants and plan on wearing long socks, make sure the stripe on your shirt is horizontal. 3) If you're wearing patterned dress pants and plan on wearing short socks, make sure the stripes or designs are vertical.

Four Case Studies On Tie and Sock Combinations

1. The Classic Combo

Gray or dark suit, white dress shirt, and red tie. Dark socks are also acceptable for this combo.

2. The Contemporary Combo

Light gray or light blue suit, white dress shirt, and blue striped tie. It's best to wear black or dark brown socks with this combination because it brings out the colors in the outfit better than any other color of sock.

3. The Colorful Combo

A colorful blazer, white dress shirt, and patterned necktie is great when paired with bright green socks. In fact, this is one of the most popular combos among men who want to show off their personality while still remaining professional at work or even while running errands on the weekends!