The Five Best Sock Subscriptions to Get Your Feet Excited About

The Five Best Sock Subscriptions to Get Your Feet Excited About

You may not give much thought to your socks, but they deserve more love than you might think. After all, a good pair of socks can make the difference between comfortable, stylish feet and sweaty, itchy ones (or even worse, blisters). If you’re feeling like the typical sock drawer has something missing and are ready to add some excitement to your footwear life, these five great sock subscriptions will help you find the perfect fit—so to speak!


If you’re someone who hates doing laundry and doesn’t have time for it, an Amazon subscription service might be worth checking out. Basically, you’ll order a bunch of socks from Amazon, but instead of getting them mailed individually, they’ll all arrive in one package—and voila! You have some clean socks. Some services even give subscribers extra perks like free shipping or discounts on select products if they purchase a certain number of pairs in a month. The options are endless; pick whichever works best for your lifestyle.


These are socks with a subscription business model. I’ve got these, and they’re fantastic. A pair of Bombas will set you back about $10/month, but that doesn’t include shipping. They also have other sock styles for men and women at higher price points. While I haven’t tried them, I am tempted to try a pair; their quality seems excellent from what I can tell from online reviews. A lot of online reviewers like them because they actually help with circulation in your feet, while still being comfortable enough to wear all day at work or on extended hikes or walks in nature.

Out of the Woods

The feet are probably your most under-appreciated part of your body. Whether it’s an itch in between your toes or blisters on your heels, something about our feet just doesn’t receive enough love. However, Stance is attempting to change that with its latest sock subscription. For $15 per month, Stance will send you two pairs of socks inspired by everything from pro athletes to pop culture references. Sure they aren’t going to help get rid of that pesky ingrown hair but they will keep you smiling—and best of all they don’t come at a crazy price tag!

Sock Club

Subscription boxes are all over social media these days, with companies offering everything from snack and tea boxes to beauty products. But what about socks? You’d be surprised—there are a lot of sock subscriptions out there, and they might just change your life. Try one of these five subscription services—you might discover a new favorite brand or never have time for laundry again!


If you're like most guys, you don't keep your socks clean. That's why here at Stance, we've got an exciting sock subscription for you. Instead of mailing dirty socks back and forth to each other every week (that's nasty!), with our subscription service we'll send fun new colors and designs of socks directly to your door every month. These aren't just any socks though; they're high-quality athletic crew socks that are ideal for wearing with sneakers and boots. With our sock subscription, we'll get your feet excited about getting dressed in the morning!