The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing No Show Socks


No show socks are ubiquitous and it's hard to imagine the world without them, but where did they come from? What about no show socks makes them so great? And most importantly, how do you wear them properly? We're here to answer all of these questions and more by answering one very simple question: what are the do's and don'ts of wearing no show socks?


How to wear no show socks properly

Men's colorful socks are a great way to bring some fun into your wardrobe, but you have to be careful. First, when wearing no show socks with shoes, make sure that the sock is visible from the top of the shoe. This is especially true for dress shoes like oxfords or loafers. Second, if you're wearing ankle socks, don't wear them too high on your leg. This can make your shoe slip off - not a good look! Finally, if you're wearing crazy color dress socks or ankle socks with a suit, go for solid colors instead. The contrast will look really awkward.


Do Wear Them When...

-You are wearing a suit or dress slacks with no socks.
-You are attending a formal event where wearing socks is considered inappropriate.
-It is summertime, and you do not want your feet to get too hot!
-You have an injury on your foot that will not allow you to wear anything on it, such as a cast or bandage.
-You are in a profession like the military where you cannot wear any kind of uniform.
-Your doctor has told you specifically not to put anything on your feet at all, even if it is just for one day or night.


Don’t Wear Them When...

-When you have dress shoes on. As a general rule, don’t wear anything that covers your feet when wearing dress shoes.
-When you have any type of open shoe on, including sandals and flip flops. While there are certainly exceptions to this rule, it is generally considered a faux pas to cover your feet in public.
-When you're going for a formal look. Formal events call for formal attire; no show socks just aren't appropriate at the opera or while meeting the Queen.
-On a job interview.


The Best Brands for Men with Corns on Their Feet

If you're a man who has corns on their feet, then the best brands for men with corns on their feet are ones that can provide relief. With so many different brands to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one. To help make your search easier, here are some brands that offer the best relief:
No show socks - These socks sit below the ankle and offer protection against friction from shoes. They also keep your feet cool by letting them breathe better than an uncovered foot.
Cushioned dress socks - These socks have extra padding on the inside for added comfort when walking or standing for long periods of time in dress shoes.


How To Take Care Of your No-Show Socks

To ensure that your no-show socks last as long as possible, they should be washed after every wear. If you don't have time to wash them yourself, it might be a good idea to get a sock subscription. The best ones will send you a fresh pair of socks each month. Another option is washing your socks in the sink with soap or detergent and then air drying them overnight on top of your dresser.