The Do's and Don'ts of Sock Subscriptions

The Do's and Don'ts of Sock Subscriptions

Do you think of yourself as the kind of person who tends to forget to do laundry? If so, sock subscriptions might be just what you need. Sock subscriptions send you brand new socks each month, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting them in the wash or trying to remember which pair of socks are clean or dirty. But if you’re considering signing up for one of these sock subscription services, there are some do’s and don’ts you should follow when choosing which sock subscription service to go with and when receiving your monthly delivery of new socks.

What Are No Show Socks?

If you’re new to No Show socks, welcome to The Philosockphy. These are a specific type of athletic sock that feature a low cut over your heel, but no fold or material over your toes. This allows for optimal comfort and fit without bulking up your shoes or giving you blisters if you wear them without shoes. They’re made out of a variety of materials—cotton is most common—and come in almost any color imaginable (they often don’t come in white, however). Unlike typical athletic socks, they rarely have company logos on them either—so they can help maintain a more sophisticated look. Not sure how to use them? These tips will give you some inspiration...

Benefits of Having a Subscription Box

Great sock companies that provide subscription boxes have a distinct advantage when it comes to customer acquisition. Subscription services are more than just an opportunity to increase revenue through volume-based purchases; they also create automatic brand evangelists. After all, a brand is more than just its product. With a subscription service, you’re buying into an experience as well. The perception of your customers will change over time and so will their behavior towards your brand as a result, which makes every box you send all that much more impactful.

How to Choose a Good Quality Pair

The most expensive socks are not always going to be made with top-quality materials. But, what should you look for in a pair that’s worth spending your money on? There are several features to consider in a good pair of socks. A well-made sock is going to last longer, feel more comfortable, fit better, and keep your feet clean. It can also have arch support built into it or compression built into it for people who have diabetes or swelling issues. The key is picking out something that works for you as an individual. Everyone has different feet! Some people prefer thinner socks while others will want thicker ones, so pick something out that works for you.

What Makes Bad Quality?

Philosockphy makes bad quality socks. Some people are quick to judge a product because it has Philosockphy on them. The quality is horrible, these people say. You would probably think twice about getting a sock subscription from them again. Luckily for everyone but those who have just recently discovered that Philosocksophy sells low-quality products, there are several ways to spot a nice pair of socks before purchasing them.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pair of No Shows

Pay attention to sock fabric. It’s often difficult to tell from a photo, but some pairs use cotton blends or synthetic fibers that can cause your feet to overheat or itch. Wool is a great material for socks in general, since it absorbs moisture but has natural insulation properties to keep you cool. Finally, think about personal style. In other words, look at colors, patterns and materials available; if you like those styles, then check out a variety of sock subscription offerings until you find one that suits your tastes.

What Styles Are Available?

There are several different sock styles that you can choose from. Every style comes in multiple colors, making it easy to pick out a pair that suits your personality. No Show socks also come in a wide range of thicknesses, so whether you're looking for thin or thick support, No Show has you covered. All socks are sold in pairs, which means that you'll always have a matching set for every day of the week! If you want to save money on shipping fees, look into buying in bulk; if you buy two 3-month subscriptions at once (6 months total), shipping is free! Buying in bulk also makes it easier to build your sock wardrobe as they're perfect gifts too!

Where Can I Get Them From?

Right now, you’re thinking, Online—where else? And that’s true! You can find them on sites like Birchbox or even Target. If you want to try out more socks, you can find subscription services from retailers like ModCloth or Tieks. But really, there are so many different places that sell socks that we wouldn’t be able to tell you about them all. Just don’t forget to use your Google-fu! To keep up with all of our sock news and updates, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @NSocksUSA. We hope you enjoy using these as much as we enjoyed making them for you!

Which Brands Should I Look For?

While shopping for sock subscriptions, you’ll have to make a few decisions. The first is between brands with some variation in styles or one that offers multiple types of socks—that is, athletic socks, dress socks, patterned socks and so on. This decision depends largely on your own personal tastes. If you don’t think you can handle receiving more than one style of sock at a time, look for vendors that offer less variety in their subscription options. If you like variety in your sock drawer, more power to you—go with a vendor that offers different kinds of socks each month!