The Do's and Don'ts of No Show Socks for Your Sock Subscription Business

The Do's and Don'ts of No Show Socks for Your Sock Subscription Business

Do you want to start your own sock subscription business? Before you start, make sure that you do it right the first time by following this guide to the do’s and don’ts of no show socks. You’ll learn how to get people excited about your subscription service, how to grow your audience, and how to run a successful business model so that you can enjoy your time as an entrepreneur!

Do - Create a content calendar

To ensure your content is fresh and engaging, it is always wise to create a content calendar. A content calendar will ensure that you have variety in your posts which will keep your readers coming back. Plus, if you need to release something new, you'll know exactly when to post about it.

-Create a spreadsheet or document with the following columns: Date, Title (draft), Title (finalized), Content (draft), Content (finalized).

Don’t – Forget to make use of each social media channel

Don’t forget to post your latest selection on all social media channels. You can share a photo, text, or video to each platform. For example, if you post on Instagram, tweet about it too!

Don’t – Be afraid to use more than one type of social media (two sentences)

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with different types of posts. A cool sock from the last month might be perfect as a Facebook cover photo while a video review may go better on Twitter.

Don’t - Forget what your customers want (four sentences)

Don’t forget who your customers are when posting content!

Do – Ask for recommendations from your existing customers

Ask your customers what cool socks they'd like to see you add to your subscription. You'll be able to get an idea of what the demand is, and it will make them feel appreciated! Also, if you're already doing this, ask them if there are any specific colors or patterns that they can't live without. It may lead you to a new design direction.

Don’t - Over promise on delivery times

It can be tempting to over promise on delivery times. I know how it feels when you are waiting for your next pair of socks to arrive in the mail. You want them now! But if you over promise, then you will have disappointed customers who have been waiting too long. You don’t want those kind of reviews showing up on your company’s social media page or website. Take your time, make it right, and let people enjoy their new cool socks!

Do – Give clear, concise instructions on how to go about subscription

1. Sign up for a sock subscription service or subscribe to a monthly delivery service like BirchBox that sends you personalized boxes each month with hand-picked products such as beauty items, clothes, and snacks. 2. Receive your box in the mail every month without fail! 3. Wear socks each day so they don’t get stinky. 4. Throw out old socks after one year to avoid bacteria buildup. 5. Hang your clean socks on a clothesline or drying rack to dry them quickly and prevent shrinkage. 6. Keep track of how many pairs of socks you have so you can tell when it’s time to re-subscribe!

Don’t - Pretend you are bigger than you are

Don’t pretend that you are bigger than you are. It is best to stay humble and be realistic about what you can deliver. It is also best to make a timeline, know where your business is going, and have a plan in place before you start taking any orders. It is also important to determine the point at which your customer will want their next shipment delivered. It is best to offer an option for customers who are looking for monthly or bi-monthly shipments rather than waiting until they are out of socks to ship another order. You should also try to maintain customer service standards by being responsive when contacted via email or phone.

Don’t use material with poor quality just because it looks good in photos.

Do - Allow customers to ask questions before buying anything

We are here to answer all your questions about our socks! This is a great way to build a personal relationship with your customers. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you're not satisfied with your purchase, we will give you a refund or send you a new pair!

We are always open to feedback, so feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions. We love hearing from our customers!

Don’t - Sell more than you can deliver in a given period of time.

If you cannot produce enough socks to meet the demand, your customers will be left with a negative experience. This can lead them to cancel their subscription or never want to shop from you again. A sock subscription is a commitment so make sure you are in it for the long haul!