The Different Types of Women's Socks

The Different Types of Women's Socks

Women’s socks come in all shapes and sizes, just like women do! To help you find the right fit, we put together this guide to the different types of women’s socks, along with some helpful tips on how to wear them. Read on to learn more about socks subscriptions, high heel socks, no show socks, and more!

Long Leg Style

For women who want socks that go beyond their ankles, long leg socks are a great choice. These types of socks tend to be colorful and come in bright patterns or a solid color. You can find long leg socks for any season, although spring and summer work best for these styles. They typically cover your entire calf and go up to your mid-calf area—perfect for when you want to show off a great pair of shoes. Long leg socks are commonly made from cotton or cotton blends because they’re breathable and comfortable, but you can also find them in nylon blends which help to create a more durable sock with more stretchability. The most important thing is that they look good!

Knee-High Style

One type of sock popular with many women is knee-high socks. This style of sock works well under skirts, dresses and pants and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some may be designed to add extra height to your look while others are designed to keep your legs warm in cool weather. Knee-high socks usually have a ribbed top that helps them stay up without slipping down your leg, but they should not be worn with trousers or pantyhose as you would not want them to show through on your skin.

Brief Style

There are several different types of women’s socks, and it’s important to understand these differences so you can choose wisely. If you own only one type of women’s sock, your wardrobe will seem bland. In fact, you might even start to get bored by your socks and not wear them anymore. If that happens, go out and buy more pairs—they have a lot more personality than most people realize! Here are some common types