The Different Types of Socks You'll Get in a Women's Sock Subscription

The Different Types of Socks You'll Get in a Women's sock subscription

Today, there are several different types of women’s socks available, including athletic, casual and dress socks. These 3 varieties are the most common types that you’ll find in sock subscription boxes, but there are other styles out there as well. To give you more insight into what kinds of socks you’ll find in your sock subscription box, we’re going to cover the three main types below!


crew socks

There are many different types of socks, but the most popular type is crew socks. Crew socks usually come to the top or just below your calf, and typically have a strip on the side that adds extra grip and protection. These are often worn with dress shoes or casual shoes like sneakers. They can be worn with shorts or pants, so long as they're not too high up on your leg (which would make them more like knee-high socks). If you're looking for something fun to wear with sandals this summer, cool crew ankle socks will do the trick!


ankle socks

Women's ankle socks are usually light and thin, so they can be worn with most shoes. They're best for wearing during the summer or in warmer climates. These socks may be made from cotton or synthetic fibers like rayon, polyester, spandex, acrylic, nylon, and/or wool. ankle socks are also available for men and are typically about 10-12 inches long (from heel to top) and 2-4 inches wide. Cotton is the most common material used for these types of socks since it has the ability to absorb moisture quickly which prevents bacteria growth on your feet.


no-show socks

cool socks are so popular right now, and a no-show sock is the perfect way to add some flair to your everyday look. No-show socks come in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find the perfect pair for you. They're also great for people with allergies as they don't have any seams or elastic that can irritate your skin - no matter where you wear them on your feet! The best part about no-show socks is that they're extremely comfortable and easy to slip on. It doesn't matter if you're wearing heels, flats, or sandals; this sock style will make sure your feet stay warm and cozy all day long. Plus, no-shows are one of the most popular types of socks out there!