The Different Types of Socks You Should Be Buying

The Different Types of Socks You Should Be Buying

Putting on a pair of socks in the morning is as routine as brushing your teeth. Or at least it should be. However, most people settle for whatever style they find on sale and don’t give much thought to the quality or type of sock they’re buying. To help you get the most out of your sock-wearing experience, here are three types of socks to buy and the right situations in which to wear them.

Do you know what your socks say about you?

It may seem silly, but all socks are not created equal. In fact, they’re so different that they each deserve their own name. Use these descriptions as a guide: The Philosockphy - $20-50/month

Buy socks in bulk for added savings

Subscription services like Philosockphy will save you a ton of money. But don’t just buy any kind—if you’re serious about socks, then get yourself into a sock-of-the-month subscription service. These can be anything from specialty socks like those that offer enhanced support to themed packages or even your favorite sports team. If you don’t have time to shop and want new socks every month, or if you just aren’t sure what type of socks to buy for yourself, a sock subscription is for you.

What is a sock of the month club?

A sock of the month club is a type of subscription service that delivers socks to your door. Many sock subscriptions offer one pair each month, while some only send you one or two pairs throughout an entire year. There are even subscription services that don’t just send socks: they also include t-shirts, underwear, or other clothing items in your package. Sock subscriptions may be a great option for those who wear comfortable but somewhat unconventional socks (for example, compression socks), since these types of socks are often hard to find in stores. If you tend to wear more conventional types of socks, though, it might be easier to buy them at a department store.

Why should I get a sock subscription?

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for a special man in your life, a sock subscription is an excellent choice. No matter what kind of socks he wears—dressy, casual, athletic—he’ll have them delivered to his door every month. That way, he can stock up on his favorites and add variety to his sock drawer without having to think about it. He may even end up with new favorite pairs that otherwise he wouldn’t have tried! It also helps keep him stylish and sets him apart from all those other guys in suits at work who still wear dress socks with their loafers.

Who should get a sock subscription?

We think a sock subscription is perfect for anyone who likes to have their socks delivered to them on a monthly basis. Especially since each month, you’ll get your pick from four different styles, making sure that each pair will match any outfit you have in mind. If you’re looking for fun colors or patterns, then sock of the month is a great option for you. Regardless of whether you work at home or spend most days in an office building, these socks will keep your feet comfortable throughout any long day. It might also be helpful to get multiple pairs if money isn’t an issue—you can wear one pair and wash another so that both are always clean and ready to go.

Do men like getting fancy socks too?

Of course! A nice pair of socks can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or a suit for a meeting. Treat yourself to something nice, and when you do, remember that socks are often an afterthought for most men. That’s why we like them so much here at Philosockphy—we think it’s time to change that! That’s why we bring you the sock of the month club. By subscribing, you won’t ever have to worry about running out socks again. Each month will feature a new pair in your favorite color (or print) sent right to your door without any extra thought on your part.

Where should I buy my socks from?

A lot of people think that all socks are created equal, but in fact there are a few different types out there. The first is made from cotton. These tend to be inexpensive and offer decent durability, but they aren’t super soft or stretchy. Cotton socks also don’t always retain their shape, meaning they’re likely to become misshapen over time—not exactly ideal for keeping your feet warm and cozy. Wool socks provide better warmth and better moisture management than cotton; however, you might find wool socks to be itchy or uncomfortable if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin.