The Best Ways to Fold Your Socks According to the Pros


How do you keep your socks organized? If you’re like most people, it’s in an old shoebox at the back of your closet, or maybe you toss them on top of your dresser and hope for the best. But there are some ways to organize them better than that! We asked pros across the industry to share their best strategies for folding their socks, so here are 5 great ways to fold your socks according to the pros!



If you're new to sock folding, check out our guide on how to do it. You might be surprised by how many different ways there are that you can fold your socks. We like this one because it's a little different than the traditional way and looks great with a pair of dress shoes.
If you're looking for something a little less formal, try these fun ways to fold your socks when wearing sneakers or boots. This way is perfect for those who don't want their socks in their shoes, but still want them at hand for when they need them. If you're looking for some crazy color dress socks or funky gift socks, take a look at our selection of men's ankle socks and colorful socks for men!



If you're a guy with a drawer full of socks that refuse to stay in pairs, then it's time to take action. There are plenty of methods for folding socks, but these five are some of the best. Trust us – your sock drawer will thank you.
#1: The Easy Method
If you're looking for something simple and straightforward, this is your method. Start by grabbing two socks and holding them together at their heels. Now fold one sock over the other one so that they are both inside out and facing each other. Next, bring them up together until they meet in the middle, tucking one into the other like an envelope flap.



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A sock is a garment worn on the feet, typically made from textile, leather or combination of materials. Many varieties have been developed and standardized for use in various activities, such as sports or healthcare. The basic function of socks is to keep one's feet warm and dry; however, they are also used as a form of protection against blisters by providing friction against footwear.